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5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality Will Transform K–12 Learning

5 Reasons Why Augmented Reality Will Transform K–12 Learning

We at Boulevard Arts have had very positive firsthand experience introducing augmented reality (AR) to students, so we are excited by recent research* that has begun to validate what we have been doing and promoting in education.

OK, I realize that some of these five reasons may have a couple parts, so, technically, it may be five-plus reasons. But, hear me out.

  1. AR provides students with active, experiential learning opportunities and multiple entry points of discovery.
  2. AR’s tech-based, interactive presentation of curriculum engages different types of learners, including students not as easily motivated by traditional learning modes.
  3. AR can help students visualize abstract concepts and reinforce their understanding of broader concepts of visual communication.
  4. AR can be used to teach a range of disciplines, including English, history, science, and math, and it offers opportunities for smart and creative cross-disciplinary activities (such as the ones Boulevard Arts is currently creating with Edmentum for the 2019–20 school year).
  5. AR is able to bring students into contact with meaningful objects and artifacts from museums, libraries, and other cultural/historical sites they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

Reason #5 is our favorite, and it’s a gamechanger!

Most educators agree that exposure to the arts strengthens students’ literacy and critical thinking and that it is a useful way for them to make important connections, both personal and curricular. But, not all students have the same access to art, historical resources, cultural enrichment, or field trips.

AR supports educational equity by making it possible for students—whoever they are and wherever they are—to access and participate in these types of essential learning opportunities.

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*This PDF was created by and belongs to the National Council of Teachers of English. The link to the original can be found here.