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5 Strategies for Classroom Time Management with Study Island

5 Strategies for Classroom Time Management with Study Island

We know that teachers’ daily schedules are packed from minute to minute and hour to hour, and the precious time spent with students, those 6-8 hours, is key in developing their young minds. Because time is so limited, being creative with how you structure your schedule is important. As such, we wanted to share a few possible strategies for integrating an online program like Study Island into your typical day. While these tips target grades 3-6, they can be used at any grade level with modifications. 

Before a lesson utilize the tools within Study Island, like teacher videos, to help map out a plan. In these videos, experienced classroom teachers walk through different ways in which they have successfully addressed and taught specific topics in their classroom. Once you know how you want to go about the lesson, use Study Island’s Built Test feature to formatively assess all of your students at varying points throughout your instruction. These assessments will provide you with a better understanding of each students’ comprehension of the lesson, and where knowledge gaps may exist.

During a lesson students can submit real-time responses to interactive technology-enhanced questions using the Group Sessions feature. These unique practice sessions are teacher-led, standards-based, and help keep students engaged in your instruction, while simultaneously tracking their progress in real-time.

After a lesson use Study Island to review what your students have learned before moving forward. You can again create brief assessments in Study Island that will give a clear picture of where each student’s understanding of the material is at and where you might need to go in and reinforce specific topics. Based on each student’s needs, use Study Island’s class manager to assign whole class or individualized assignments.

Re-Teach the lesson or specific areas of the lesson that proved to be problematic for your students. Once you’ve assessed student progress after a lesson and have an understanding of where each student stands, reassign practice in Study Island to reinforce specific topics and concepts that need improvement. For those students who are ready to move forward, create targeted assignments in Study Island that will keep each student moving forward at their own pace.

Throughout the school year friendly competitions are a great way to keep students engaged and motivated. Track the number of Study Island Blue Ribbons students earn at the end of each lesson and offer an award to the student who finishes with the most at the end of a unit or marking period. Get started with this printable poster!

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