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6 Best Practices for Recruiting Top Teachers

6 Best Practices for Recruiting Top Teachers

Hiring staff is a critical part of school administrators’ jobs, but when you have a position open at your school, the recruiting process can feel intimidating. How do you find candidates with the skills you are looking for? How do you make sure that they’re the right culture fit for your building? And how do you make THEM want to work for YOU at YOUR district? Here are six simple recruiting tips to help find your perfect candidate.

1. Write a compelling job description

Looking at a long list of responsibilities and qualifications can honestly be a bit of a drag to a prospective candidate. So, focus on spicing up your standard job description to be a more appealing read. Sell the role and the district within the description—the opportunities the role offers, upcoming projects the position will be involved in, and specific benefits of working at YOUR district. Think about why someone would want this job when writing a job description. A rock star candidate is going to apply for a rock star job posting—one that sounds both exciting and challenging. If you’re not a strong writer or a creative writer, enlist the help of a coworker who is. Putting the effort into creating a topnotch job description will be worth your time.

2. Post the job opening on your school/district website and on online job-search boards

It’s standard practice for schools, districts, and companies to post open positions on their websites, and almost all positions are posted on LinkedIn is another great place to post openings, as it is a large professional site built for networking, job searching, and career development. Depending on what type of opening you are hiring for, there are also numerous professional organizations that have career pages on their websites—the National Association of Special Education Teachers’ “Career Center” is one example. Finally, there is no shortage of education-specific job boards to consider posting your opening on. Just a couple to consider are and SchoolSpring.

3. Tap your existing staff for referrals

Good people know good people, and your staff members are your most important resource when it comes to recruiting! Always ask employees to share openings with their broader networks. It has been proven that individuals hired by a company through employee referral have a higher retention rate than other external hires. If you can afford it, offer an employee-referral bonus as a little extra incentive for your employees to spread the word regarding opportunities at your school. The more employees who can share information about your opening by word of mouth or on social networks, the richer your candidate pool will be.

4. Partner with local colleges or universities to hire recent graduates

Most colleges have a career center that is always looking for open positions to post and networking opportunities to offer their students. Many of these career centers also host career fairs you can attend to connect in person with new graduates who may be a fit for your organization. This is a great way to connect further with your community, tap into local talent, and build your reputation with college students, recent graduates, and the postsecondary institution itself.

5. Treat your candidates like gold

First impressions are everything, so make sure that every interaction with a potential staff member is positive. Strong candidates have many options to consider, so everyone needs to be polished, timely, and pleasant when interacting with potential new hires. Remember that they are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them!

6. Think outside the box

Have an instructional role that you just can’t seem to find the right fit for? Did you know that you can partner with companies (like us!) to take the stress out of recruiting teachers? Through our fully accredited virtual school, EdOptions Academy, we can provide a state-certified virtual teacher for both long- and short-term needs. Whether you are fulling a known staffing need or addressing openings that come as a surprise, EdOptions Academy offers over 400 state-standards-aligned courses and rolling, as-needed enrollment to help you ensure that students are provided with a rigorous, flexible, and seamless learning experience.

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Kasey Witt

Kasey Witt is the Recruiting Manager at Edmentum and has been with the company for 6 years. She and her team are responsible for full cycle recruiting all positions within the company as well as onboarding new hires. Kasey has 15 years’ experience in Human Resources and received her Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus in Human Resources from St. Cloud State University.