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6 Educators Share Their Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology

6 Educators Share Their Favorite Piece of Classroom Technology

We all have that awesome piece of technology in our lives that makes daily life a little easier. For educators, any piece of technology that saves time and makes instruction easier can be a lifesaver! We asked our community of educators on Facebook what their favorite piece of classroom technology is. Here’s a few of our favorite responses:

  1. “Mics that connect to speakers on each corner of the room. Everyone can hear and classroom management is through the roof as a result!” – Sara G.


  1. “Computers with CAD (Revit) software. In my architecture and civil engineering course, we got to design a library and figure out the calculations needed to support the capacity needed for the first and second floor of the building.” – Kristina R.


  1. “I love chrome books since I use google classroom. The students also enjoy using technology.” – Susan N.


  1. “Definitely the document camera....I love how all of my students can easily see passages to read, etc.” – Kelly B.


  1. “I love having a smart board. It is so much cleaner and easier to use then a chalk board or dry erase board.” – Coll G.


  1. “Laptops of course! Students can perform research. Engage in standards with programs like Study Island and Kahoot. Lastly every student can participate.” – Angel G.

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