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6 Educators Share What Inspires Them

6 Educators Share What Inspires Them

Every teacher has those days that just don’t go as planned. But, it’s important to remember why you got involved in teaching in the first place and remind yourself of what inspires you to come back to the classroom every day. We recently asked educators on our Facebook page to share their “why” with us. What draws them to the classroom, even after a difficult day? Check out a few of their responses:

1. “I want to help my students have a better future than their current life. I work in an inner city school and some of these kids do not think there is a way out. I like to show them that they do have options to live a better life.” – Phillip M.


2. “My why is to make a difference. To be that someone who is consistent in my students lives because consistency is not something they are used to. They are used to teachers walking out or giving up on them. I want to be someone they can not only learn from, but someone they can trust, someone that cares about them, someone who believes in them, and someone who is willing to fight for their best interest every day no matter what.” – Kirsten A.

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3. “To see the excitement when this student goes from “I can’t to I did it”. Knowing that today could be that day - priceless.” – Diane M.


4. “My word is Inspire. I want to inspire children that look like me to aspire to do more.” – Melissa C.


5. “Hearing students say, "I couldn't have done it without you!" It's such a nice feeling.” – Lauren M.


6. “Rewarding to see children learning & appreciating all day long.” – Rhonda S.

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