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6 Educators Share What They Want More of This Year

6 Educators Share What They Want More of This Year

The start of a new school year often brings about a refreshed perspective and a great hope for the new year. We asked our community of educators on Facebook and Twitter the question: “It’s a new school year and it’s time for LESS stress and MORE awesome! What do you want less of and more of this school year?” Take a look at some of their inspiring responses below.

  1. “I would like less time consumed by grading and more joy from the moments with my kids in the classroom. And more students who fall in love with reading!” – Katie G.


  1. “Less stress and more heartfelt conversations!” – Lauren M.


  1. “More positive change at my school, starting with my students, and less paperwork!” – Amy S.


  1. “Less stress and more time creating relationships with students!” – Rachel J.


  1. “I [want] more laughs, creativity, initiative, activism, empathy and love in my advisory!! I can do with less self-doubt, indifference and drama in the advisory.” – Z. Baalbaki


  1. “Less paperwork more getting to know my students!” – Kelsey S.

How inspiring! As you begin the new year, what are you looking to do LESS and do MORE? Be sure to share with us on Facebook