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6 Reasons to Love Exact Path for Your Youngest Learners

6 Reasons to Love Exact Path for Your Youngest Learners

By now, you may have heard all about the exciting releases launching in Exact Path this summer. Today, we’re diving deeper into these new items and exploring everything there is to love for your K-2 learners! With freshly-launched reading and math content, as well as a redesigned user interface, Exact Path continues to support your youngest students in their foundational skills development.

1. Enriched Reading Foundations Content

For the first time ever, Exact Path supports high-frequency word practice and decodable readers! Forty-nine new K-2 reading lessons have arrived just in time to help address unfinished learning in reading this summer and fall. K-2 educators will find new modules that follow a researched-based progression of foundational reading skills, moving from phonological awareness to phonemic awareness, phonics, and word analysis skills. Check out a few sample lessons here!

Word Analysis Example (2nd Grade – Decoding Syllables)

New phonics lessons focus on sound-letter correspondence in kindergarten and grade 1, or word analysis skills in grade 2 followed by strategic sets of high-frequency words for recognition practice. These lesson modules conclude by providing engaging decodable e-readers that allow learners to apply, in context, the phonics skills and high-frequency words learned in the lesson.

Decodable Reader Example (1st Grade – Blending Sounds)

Early literacy and foundational reading skills are critical to setting students on a path to success across all grade levels and subject areas. With this new reading foundations content, Exact Path can serve as an integral part of a teacher’s K-2 instructional plan.

2. Strengthened Math Foundations

We’ve also strengthened our approach to supporting foundational math skills development through enhanced K-2 math modules. These modules are elevated by best practices in teaching methods so that students can more easily unpack each skill. Intentional focus is placed on delivering engaging lessons via multiple models and representations, including drag-and-drop features. Our focus on expanding highly interactive opportunities helps students better comprehend early numeracy concepts that are foundational to their learning journey.

For example, the following lesson uses a common classroom representation of bar models and connecting cubes to support hands-on practice with manipulatives. These new modules support students’ ability to make connections across learning experiences (both teacher-led and within Exact Path) by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful. Dive into a few sample lessons here.

3. Less Testing Fatigue, More Learning

New K-2 learning modules in Exact Path take a fresh approach to assessment that reduces testing fatigue for your earliest learners. For each new module, students will encounter a lesson with embedded low-stakes guided problems, followed by a short practice session to apply what they know. This approach mitigates demotivation by reducing time spent testing, instead keeping students engaged and aware of the progress they’re making.

Once a student completes skills within the learning progression, the Progress Check allows educators to measure students’ learning and monitor progress, and will automatically remediate based on the results. Our existing K-2 modules have been updated to reflect the same format for a consistent experience.

4. Responsive Design for iPads, Tablets, and Touchscreen Devices

We’ve reimagined our K-2 interface with a strong foundation in responsive web design that is stronger than ever before. This means the layout automatically adapts to different screen sizes for a beautiful and uncompromised experience on all the devices your K-2 learners regularly use—including iPads! We know that young learners excel with a hands-on, touch screen approach, and we’ve optimized for these needs through expanded capabilities.

5. Simplified User Interface for Fewer Clicks

We started by replacing the left navigation menu with oversized dynamic buttons that show only the subjects a learner has access to. The streamlined K-2 homepage with easy-to-understand icons and large buttons helps students focus on what to do first, ensuring confidence in their learning path progression.

With the click of a button, learners jump right into their modules. The design simplicity continues throughout, with icons showing what’s next for students, making it clear to young learners where they need to click in order to interact with Exact Path.

The K-2 learning path page has also been simplified. Once learners navigate to their learning path, they’re greeted with a play button, creating zero guesswork on where they’re supposed to go next. Learners will start working on their personalized paths with one click and when one tutorial ends, the next practice session automatically begins. 

At the conclusion of a lesson or practice session, K-2 learners are presented with a new end screen and simple arrow button that takes the user to the next item on their learning path automatically. Following a Progress Check, students are taken back to their main learning path page to start the next set of skills and the streamlined process begins again.

These user interface changes support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 – Level AA standards and reflect a focus on removing barriers to content accessibility. Further enhancements include a simplified site map that even the youngest of learners can locate at the bottom left of their screen.

6. Animation That Prioritizes Diversity

We want all students to be able to see themselves in Exact Path. Our ongoing investment in elementary content prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in animation and character choice. The early learner character set was revamped earlier this year to modernize the character style and add new characters to represent the diversity of our learners. In this summer release, new scenes have been designed to be relevant and recognizable to learners.

Interested in learning even more about our exciting plans for this summer? Keep an eye on our What’s New page, and access the latest guidance on implementation in the Exact Path Help Center

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