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6 Reasons We’re Thankful for Educators

6 Reasons We’re Thankful for Educators

Thanksgiving is here, and as we at Edmentum think about all that we’re grateful for, all of the great work educators do in classrooms around the world is at the very top of the list! Here’s just a few of the reasons we’re so thankful for the amazing work you do:

1. You make every snowflake feel extra special

Every day, you sit down in front of a room of twenty or more unique individuals. You manage all of their varying needs, interests, preferences, and styles, and you do it gracefully. You know how to make the quietest kids feel heard, keep the peace among the especially boisterous ones, and nurture even the most obscure passions. You make each and every student feel good about the person they are—and that is a gift.

2. Your patience is downright saintly

Kids are great, but let’s be real, they’re sometimes a workout—and not everyone is up to the challenge! It takes a special person to be able to navigate the classroom shenanigans, minor meltdowns, never-ending questions, and wonky requests that come out of students. Other people might be pulling their hair out, but you know just how to play it cool. We’re impressed.

3. You’ve got the juggling act down

Educators are asked to wear a lot of hats: instructor, administrator, data analyst, therapist, nurse, mentor, baby-sitter, and the list could go on. You fill each one of these roles every day, and know how to make the transition on a dime when you need to. You are truly the champion multi-taskers.

4. You put up with a lot

It’s not a surprise that all these roles come with a lot of demands. On a daily basis, you’re expected to get in quality time with your students, plan upcoming lessons, grade assignments, keep up on state and districts standards, and cut through a pile of paperwork to boot. Plus, you’ve got to manage the demands of students, fellow staff, and parents. Whew—we’re tired just thinking of all that.

5. You deal with the tough stuff

Lots of kids go through some decidedly grown-up stuff outside of the classroom, and you’re a much-needed steady, calming presence in their lives. While others might shy away, you’re not afraid to dig deep with your students, tackle the emotions, and figure out how to make learning work for them. 

6. Your passion is something to admire

All clever quips aside—you have one of the most difficult, most important jobs out there, and you do it day in and day out with complete dedication. We have nothing but admiration for the hard work, creativity, and caring you show.

We’re so thankful for outstanding teachers like you who are passionate about educating our kids. Keep up the incredible work, but don’t forget to take some time to rest, relax, and treat yourself this holiday weekend. From the Edmentum family to yours, we wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!