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6 Summer Learning Opportunities for Your Child

6 Summer Learning Opportunities for Your Child

If the mention of "summer" strikes a note of both excitement and dread, you are not alone. Yes, while summer brings thoughts of relaxation and vacation, there's also the ever-present reality that your child is no longer at school but at home, with hours of free time he or she may want to use indulging in noneducational activities. How do you keep up the learning over the summer, without having to pay an arm and a leg? We've compiled some suggestions on activities to keep summer fun and academically enriching for your child!


  1. Take advantage of local parks and recreation. Most park and recreation centers offer classes and programs for children of all ages, covering topics that include academic enrichment and fun outdoors activities. Broaden your children's range of experience by exploring different activities with your child.


  1. Visit your local library. Your local library is also a great source of finding educational summer activities. Talk with the children or teen program librarian to get a better idea of what upcoming events would relate to your child's interests and passions. Get reading lists, join in on reading programs that your local library may offer, or simply just spend time there reading with your child.


  1. Give your child a summer-long project to work on. Start a long-term project with your child that the both of you can contribute to. Plant a garden together, build something that you may already need (like an outdoor shed), or work on an art project together. Those are just a few suggestions that can be good ways to mix hands-on-learning with something enriching. Check out some fun, summer crafts that anyone can make!


  1. Sign up for volunteering. You can sign up to volunteer with your child over the summer using a volunteering search finder like VolunteerMatch. Find local opportunities where you can help organizations or people in need. Instill a love of service by doing it together with your child, making a difference in your community or neighborhood.


  1. Conduct a research project on your neighborhood. How well do you know the neighborhood that you are a part of? Encourage your child to do research on the history and background of where you live. You can compile your findings in a presentation or a video that you can share with others. This project can help your child engage with his or her community by learning more about its history.


  1. Get ahead with online practice. Prepare early for the upcoming school year by subscribing to an online practice tool, such as Study Island for Home. Look for a program where you can find a curriculum based around state-specific, grade-level standards so that your child can practice on a curriculum that he or she will actually use in the classroom in the fall. Get 40 percent off any annual subscription to Study Island for Home with the latest summer promo code, SUNSHINE, which expires June 15.


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