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6 Teachers Share Their Biggest Wins and Lessons Learned from the School Year

6 Teachers Share Their Biggest Wins and Lessons Learned from the School Year

Each school year is full of many memorable moments, both good and bad. While some of these moments are less than ideal, they shape who you are as an educator and always provide an experience in which to learn and grow. We recently asked our outstanding community of educators on Facebook to tell us about their biggest wins and lessons learned from this past school year. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

  1. “My biggest win was finding some new tools to modify undesired behaviors. Our OT and PT created a sensory trail where students can go and release excess energy. Additionally, I found a visual timer that shows the amount of time remaining with red so my student can monitor her own progress on completing her work. I learned that in order to reduce or eliminate these undesired behaviors, we must find a suitable replacement behavior to take its place.” – Julie W.


  1. “I learned that just when I think middle school kids can’t surprise or shock me, they do just that. This has been a year of reflection, for me and my students. I’ve seen so much growth and each year, I learn a little bit more why I love teaching.” – Michelle K.


  1. “Biggest win: this 8th grade class was known for being “bad”, however they have matured and as a team of teachers we have been able to provide a lot of guidance to help them. Biggest lesson: [every day] is a new day, don’t sweat the small stuff” – Coll G.


  1. “Biggest win- we are an AR [Accelerated Reader] school. We read 200 less books than last year but the books we read were a higher reading level and we increased our nonfiction reading by 11%. Biggest lesson is to just breathe and go with the flow.” – Chrisanna L.


  1. “My biggest win was seeing my state test scores and achieving higher than I expected because it was a very difficult school year in 3rd grade due to a lot of behavior issues. My biggest lesson I learned this year was take one day at a time because one hard day at school can lead to some pretty good days, also!” – Amber S.


  1. “This is my 1st year teaching... ever. I am at a title one/ achievement school in a rough demographic area. On top of dealing with getting used to the flow of things I was team lead, shed several tears, broke down many times because of stress, broke up several fist fights, held back and talked down several students from fighting, refereed and endured countless arguments, have been screamed and yelled at and treated with absolutely no respect, students punching walls and throwing things in my classroom out of anger, students eloping, having anxiety attacks and breakdowns in my room. Now to teaching my kids and getting them on grade level when they were 2-3 grades below, several laughs during lunch bunches in my room, finding out my students needs and interests.

Not only being a teacher, but someone who fixes their hair, provides them with snacks, whenever they need it. Teaching them 2 wrongs don't make a right, teaching them to say "Please, thank you, and excuse me." Teaching them to care about one another and ask if someone is okay if they are crying or upset. Going to my students baseball games, getting hugs from parents, building bonds with their families, to winning for best behavior in the lunchroom every week for our grade, providing my students with care, love, and showing them that there is at least one person who believes in them no matter what and whose always in their corner. This year has been the absolute toughest by far, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because I have learned so much and have built an amazing bond with my first group of kiddos” – Kirsten A.

You’ve made it through another school year of smiles, frustrations, and triumphs, and you have come out on the other side a better educator! We are inspired by all that you do, and we wish you a well-deserved summer break. Be sure to kick back, relax, and take some time for yourself by reading one of the books on our teacher’s summer reading list!'s picture
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