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7 Classroom Hacks Straight from Teachers

7 Classroom Hacks Straight from Teachers

As you’ve progressed further in your teaching career, you’ve picked up strategies along the way to make your life easier. We recently asked teachers on our Facebook page to share their best classroom hack with us, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite responses with you!

1. “Save the scrap pieces after you laminate and cut. Pair them with colored [Sharpie markers] and they are great for use with the document camera. Lay them over fill-ins, graphs, diagrams, etc. and mark away. The [Sharpie markers] "pop" much more than regular wet erase pens and when the lesson is done . . . just toss the sheets in the trash.” – Judy B.

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2. “Anchor charts! It helps you and the students remember exactly what you taught and the examples you gave while teaching them. Best part is they can refer back to them at all times! #genius” – Kirsten A.

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3. “A "Ketchup" (Catch Up) folder for when students are sick. When they come in, they will find their own folder in their classes hanging folder section and take everything they missed when they have been out. Everything has their name and due date on it.” – Phillip M.

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4. “Homemade fidget; plastics nuts & bolt.” – Justine B.

5. “I noticed how much paper was being used every day when doing daily math worksheets. So I began laminating the worksheets so they could be used over and over, year after year.” – Lori M.


6. “Large [Post-it®] notes with vocabulary words on them, move all over the room while learning the new words.” – Linda G.

7. “My “magic” hats . . . pull out trivia, music rhythm patterns to challenge them! My collection of hats are very unique and can be used as a learning tool as well!” – Teresa B.

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