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7 Educator Network Members Share Their Absolute Truths to Education

7 Educator Network Members Share Their Absolute Truths to Education

When August hits, I hear in my head that quote from You’ve Got Mail: “It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.”  

The month of August means that I trade the flip-flops of summer for close-toed, yet comfortable shoes, and a reevaluation of my classroom purpose. I recently asked the Edmentum Educator Network “What is the one thing you believe is the absolute truth to education?” There was a rush of answers.

Educators know that the benefits of being in education span beyond a paycheck. A unique aspect of being an educator is preparing for the new year, new faces, and changed bulletin boards. It’s a unique opportunity to recalibrate your lens and purpose and dive into the new school year with an attitude of grace and patience.

The Network was asked to answer that question and just as your students would provide unique answers, our passionate educators did as well.

 “ABSOLUTE TRUTH: That to touch, to shape, to grow the mind of a child is both a privilege and a responsibility.”

—Julie D.

“Every child is important. Every child deserves to learn.”

 —Laura O.

One truth that stands out in the Edmentum Educator Network is the ability, the mindset, and the passion for communication. Empathy and expectation exist in the same breath.

“Connection and communicating...letting them know that no matter what their grade is, their best is good enough for you. Letting them know that no matter what is going on with their lives, you are always there for them. Their education is important, but we need to keep in mind that more may be going on in the background.”

—Stacie N.

“Communication and belief in the student is of utmost importance.”

—Marilyn S.

Developing students and teachers who can take a productive and enhancing role in our world today is another truth for educators.

 “I believe that every child can learn and it is our responsibility to figure out the how. As an administrator it is my responsibility to support and supply teachers with everything they need in order for them to teach students. There are many other things I believe, but this drives everything else.”

              —Kathleen H.

“I believe every child should know that their opinions matter. That they are being heard and listened to. I find that when students realize that I can learn from them just as much as they learn from me (and that I value what I learn from them) they open up and the rest happens naturally.”

              —Megan B.

And, finally:

“Who I am (not always what I teach) makes a lasting impression in the lives of a child. Relationship[s are] powerful in the educational process.”

              —Gretchen M.

What beautiful truths! How clearly these educators have called out the need to be authentic with students and model behavior we want them to emulate—and what an awesome responsibility. As you hang up your sun hat and pull out your sensible shoes, know that we here at Edmentum and those member in the Edmentum Educator Network support your truth and champion your approach as well. We’re also just a keyboard away from support.

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