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8 Educators Share Their Summer Professional Development Plans

8 Educators Share Their Summer Professional Development Plans

For some educators, it’s already a month into summer break. While it’s great to kick back and relax from the stress of the school year, educators can’t help themselves from learning something new, whether it’s from a book, seminar, webinar, conference, or video. Here’s what eight educators from our community on Facebook said they’re planning on doing to learn something new this summer:

  1. “Beginning my Master’s degree next month, and will also attend some PD over the summer with fellow Math teachers to begin our process of becoming a 1:1 school with technology” – Elaine S.


  1. “Already registered for two tech workshops "All Things Google" and "Techstock 2019" in August at a local University. Great opportunity for networking, too. I can never get enough PD!” – Meghan M.


  1. “Twitter! My account is educational only and I learn a ton! I’m also going to an AVID conference and a CS DISCOVERIES workshop this summer.” – Christy I.


  1. “I'll complete several webinars on my own plus I'll attend a tech conference at my school. I'll also spend some time on our safe schools videos so that those are all done before I return to school in August.” – Lorna M.

  1. “I am going to a whole brain conference, a youth mental health seminar, and am registered for about 30 hrs of ELA, Writing, and Tech PD through my district.” – Lydia B.


  1. “Read more books and jot down key points for teaching strategies and techniques in order to improve and level up children style of learning.” – Ravelo A.


  1. “Presenting and attending Alabama Educational Technology Conference in June, EdCamp in July, and working on my EdS. in Instructional Technology. I love teaching Computer Science Discoveries/STEM. You are NEVER too old to learn something new.” – Spring C.


  1. “I keep learning by teaching....I teach summer school and embrace the opportunity to enjoy the smaller class sizes and getting to know kiddos that will be in my classes in the fall. Teaching in this different environment helps me continue to grow and reflect.” – Michelle K.


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