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8 Engaging Courses Recommended for TRIO Upward Bound Veteran Learners

8 Engaging Courses Recommended for TRIO Upward Bound Veteran Learners

With the help of online courses, military veteran learners in the TRIO Upward Bound Program can effectively transition back into civilian life and prepare themselves to pursue postsecondary education. 

As a professional services education consultant for Edmentum, I've had the pleasure of seeing adult learning centers implement Edmentum Courseware online courses with great success. The trick is to offer engaging courses that are relevant to adult learners, such as career and technical education (CTE) courses, college and career courses, and electives.

I want to share eight of the courses I would recommend for learners in the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound Program to consider, as I’ve personally seen these courses be well-received by military learners (and adult learners in general).

Academic Success

This is the course I would suggest veteran learners start out with, because it teaches the skills and positive habits required for academic success. This course is only one semester long and offers practical, hands-on guidance on developing and improving study habits and skills.

Life Skills

I use this course often with military veteran learners and learners in correctional facilities to help them adjust back into civilian life. Students can explore their personality types and interests as well as refine important skills such as personal nutrition, fitness skills, time and stress management, communication and healthy relationships, leadership, and goal setting. 

Career Explorations

This course has my strong recommendation. Sometimes, students come into the program not really knowing what they want to do as far as higher education or their careers path. We can help by giving them exposure to different areas in different industries. We also have activities where they can go off and do their own career explorations in the field. I personally feel that learners connect more strongly with their choices this way, as opposed to just sitting down and taking a career aptitude test.


This year we updated and added to preparation courses for the ACT WorkKeys exams that reflect updated standards and requirements from ACT®. New courses include Graphic Literacy (learning how to read graphics, charts, and diagrams) and Workplace Documents (how to read and interpret documents in a professional setting).

Accuplacer® Reading

I believe that no matter what career you go into, or what kind of career training you’re looking to receive, you must have a fundamental level of reading (and writing) skills to be able to learn anything else. This course is perfect for guidance counselors to evaluate a veteran learner’s skills and make suggestions on additional course selections. Edmentum also offers Accuplacer® Math and Accuplacer® Sentence Skills courses.

Applied Medical Terminology

If alearner is thinking about going into the medical profession, or maybe a one- or two-year program to be a certified nurse’s assistant or radiology technician, for example, Applied Medical Terminology is always a great place to start.

CompTIA A+ 200-1001

This information technology certification prep course is designed to help prepare learners for when they take the CompTIA A+ exam. Learners will get lessons in computer hardware and networking, including virtualization, cloud computing, mobile devices and their features, and how to identify troubleshooting problems.

Once done with this course, learners can move on to the second part, CompTIA A+ 220-1002, where they’ll learn about features of operating systems, how to use remote access tools, and more while being provided with simulations of computer environments to practice various procedural steps.


I’ve seen customers use this course as a teambuilding activity, since learners can work together on collaborative projects. Learners will get insight into job opportunities and employability skills in the field of robotics. Discussions and unit activities will require learners to develop and apply critical thinking skills, while the included games will engage a variety of learning styles.

Browse all of our available courses and libraries on our course catalog and learn more about how Edmentum can help TRIO Upward Bound Veteran learners in this OnDemand webinar: TRIO Veterans: Workforce Readiness Program!

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David Disko

David has a diverse educational background in engineering (for over 15 years), educational psychology, sociology, and statistics that led him to a dual position of teaching and field research studying student resilience in the face of failure. He holds a B.Sc. in engineering and a Ph.D. in media psychology. David has been working with educational software firms since 2004, and has been with Edmentum since 2009 where he specializes in Adult Learning applications as an Education Consultant. A frequent presenter at national and state-wide conferences, David is passionate about helping all students achieve their maximum potential, no matter their age or background.