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8 Time-Saving Exact Path Features to Support Your VTSS Program

8 Time-Saving Exact Path Features to Support Your VTSS Program

Virginia educators have to play a balancing act between sufficiently preparing students for the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), dedicating time to the class to ensure that lessons are moving forward, and figuring out personalized intervention plans to ensure all students grow academically.

Often, this educational balancing act comes at the cost of precious instructional time, and it can be a challenge to provide enough intervention support to students who need it, when there are only so many hours in each day. And, while there are resources available for the Virginia Tiered Systems of Supports (VTSS) framework, these resources don’t always address the need to take back instructional time.

Here’s how Exact Path can help!

Exact Path supports K-12 students math, reading, and language arts and is all about making learning personal while giving educators the type of data they need to make intervention decisions. Using adaptive diagnostic assessments that prescribe individualized learning paths, educators can spend less time trying to calculate where students are and more time addressing intervention needs at the individual and group level, to ensure that all students are having their educational needs met.

Let’s discuss how Exact Path can help Virginia educators address the three tenets of VTSS and free up their most valuable resource—their time.


Systems Help – Supporting Staff

  1. Simple tech: We keep Exact Path simple and intuitive, and we offer outstanding customer support to make sure that you aren’t spending too much time learning one more program in the middle of your busy schedule.
  2. Teacher resources: Wouldn’t it be much easier to plan for small group learning with supplemental student activities and teacher resources close at hand? We want to support teacher-led interventions 1:1 and for small groups, so teacher resources such as lesson ideas and printable worksheets are available to differentiate learning. Teacher resources are searchable according to the standard or skill you are teaching, and also served up side-by-side with your student’s performance on coordinating learning path content.

Data Help – Supporting Decision-Making

  1. Actionable reporting data: Use Exact Path’s powerful actionable data to influence decisions at the class, school, and district level. Reports allow you to see how students are stacking up against a nationally representative sample, help you measure growth throughout the school year, and even allow you to dig into specific skill performance for a more granular look at strengths and weaknesses. With insight into student growth and skill performance, decisions can be made quickly and thoughtfully—and be backed by data.
  2. Grouping tool: The flexible grouping feature allows you to auto-group students according to their learning path performance—perfect for targeted learning or one-to-one intervention. Of course, you can still manually create your own groups, but if you’re short on time, this feature can allow you to select a skill or standard and have Exact Path organize students by ability.

Practices Help – Supporting Students

  1. Online experience: Having students practice on online programs helps them get exposed to what an online learning experience looks and feels like. Exact Path includes familiar digital tools such as online dictionaries, calculators, highlighter tools, and text-to-speech functionality – all tech-enabled elements students should grow familiar with to be successful. After all, most high-stakes summative assessments are now administered online, and students need to be able to know how to navigate online test taking.
  2. Personalized learning paths: Students can take a diagnostic test when they first log in to Exact Path (or you can choose to use data from one of our assessment partners, NWEA or Renaissance), and based on those results, individualized learning paths are instantly and automatically generated. This means that you can have students of all learning levels in the same classroom and have all of them uniquely experience learning with a program that meets them where they are. And, in turn, you, as an educator, receive real-time alerts at the first signs of struggle, so it’s never a secret who needs more help.
  3. Mobile friendliness: Exact Path is optimized for every device. This means that you and your students can use this program on a laptop (and, yes, this includes Chromebooks!), on your cellphone, and on an iPad or other tablet. And, because it’s all online, students can access their accounts from anywhere at any time for additional at-home practice.
  4. Flexible structure: One of the unique features Exact Path offers is how flexibly structured it is. Define testing windows that fit your academic calendar or choose to bypass the assessment altogether for an auto-generated placement during crunch time. When students receive their learning path, they have immediate self-guided actions they can take, but at any point and time, you can create a digital assignment to ensure they’re working on the skills that meet your scope and sequence.

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