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9 Game of Thrones Gifs That Sum Up Your Mood in May

9 Game of Thrones Gifs That Sum Up Your Mood in May

Winter (err summer) is coming and with every day, it gets harder for your students to pay attention and for you to get through the day. In honor of the end of the year and the finale of the show, here’s 9 times Game of Thrones summed up the moments you experience all throughout the month of May:

When May just won’t end

When the struggle is real

When you look at that huge pile of papers you have to grade

When you try to lesson plan in May

When you wake up in a cold sweat remembering something you forgot

When you realize you made it to Friday

When you finally see that lightbulb moment in your students

When a student says they will miss you

When that final bell rings

While it sometimes feels like you could use an army of dragons to help you get through the day, you’ve almost made it to the end of another successful year! Keep up the great work and summer will be here before you know it.