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9 Teachers on TikTok Show How Funny Teaching Can Be

9 Teachers on TikTok Show How Funny Teaching Can Be

If you’re a teacher, chances are you have found or been sent a funny teacher TikTok video (even if you haven’t created a TikTok profile). The TikTok hashtag #TeachersOfTikTok has gotten over 12.6 billions views, and for good reason—teachers are creative and hilarious and they want to share their knowledge and experiences with other teachers. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out these teacher TikToks below that show how funny teaching can be.   

1. Students Realizing Teachers Don’t Live at School

“If you don’t live here, then where do you live?”

2. Returning to In-Person Classes

“Excuse me, Johnny! What was that?!” “Was I not muted?” “You’re in person now, mate!”

3. Staring Contest

*Stares in teacher*

4. Sending the “Admins Are Here!” Alert

*Alerting sounds*

5. Complementing the Utilitarian Dress Code

“I like your dress!” “Thanks! It has pockets!”

6. Receiving Life Advice from a Class of 12-Year-Olds

“Be kind, be positive, be beautiful.” “Be yourself!”

7. Defining Classroom Appropriate Conversation

“Okay, fine, it was about Deadpool…”

8. Taking Teaching Home with You

“Bumble bee, get out of my house!”

9. Teaching Middle Schoolers

“Put your mask on.” “It IS on!”

We hope you found these videos as funny as we did. And, if you also love gifs (and New Girl’s Jessica Day), you’ll love our recent blog: New Girl Gets Back to School!

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