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9 Ways Educators Are Using Study Island’s New Game-Based Group Sessions

9 Ways Educators Are Using Study Island’s New Game-Based Group Sessions

When we launched Group Sessions for Study Island in 2015, the positive response from educators was overwhelming. Teachers loved being able to engage their whole class or a small group of students in a practice session or quiz without needing to purchase an expensive clicker system. Since then, we’ve received one main request about this feature: “Can you turn Group Sessions into a game so that it’s even more fun for students?”

Well, we heard your feedback, and in response, this past February, we launched game-based Group Sessions. The two new game-based modes turn Group Sessions into an exciting competition.

In challenge mode, students compete against their classmates in a teacher-led session, earning points for correct answers, quick responses, and correct answer streaks.

In race mode, students race against each other to answer as many questions correctly as possible as quickly as possible.

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with this feature within our own teams and testing it out within a few classrooms, and we couldn’t wait to see the ways that innovative Study Island teachers would use game-based Group Sessions with their students.

So, we hosted a contest in which we asked teachers to share their experiences with this new feature on Facebook or Twitter, and below are just a few of the responses.

“My kids LOVE the Game-based Group Sessions! I use them in both whole-group and small group RTI settings. I think the nicknames are so fun, and no need to worry about self-created "inappropriate" names. I like that I can self-pace the reading of the question, but they can each answer independently. And above all else, I love how Study Island gives me standards-based practice available instantaneously every day!” – Katie G.

“My students beg me every day to use the new Race Group Session on [S]tudy [I]sland! I currently use the challenge & race group session modes in my 6th grade Intensive Math class at River City Science Academy Mandarin in Jacksonville, FL. The group sessions are a great way to keep my students engaged and having fun while working on the skills they need to practice. Being the remedial class, these students have struggled with math in the past and often don’t always enjoy practicing math skills. The race and challenge modes have made it easy for me to get them to want to work hard!” – Ashley O.

“The kids beg me to play! It’s a great way to review for our state test coming up. We have a prize table for the leaders and the students yell, scream, and groan - it’s hilarious!  #studyisland #edmentum” – Dena D.

“I use Study Island in small groups to review material taught in the classroom. The students do it independently using game mode or we use a group session. The students love the new challenge feature. They are very competitive and had so much fun choosing silly names. It’s a great way to get them to practice skills in a fun way!” – Sinead M.

“In fourth grade we’ve been loving the group sessions! We use them to review standards for both ELA and Math! We’ve been loving it to race each other and gain better understanding in preparation for state testing! P.S. the kiddos and myself love the fun and funky names they get to choose from! When I say challenge or race on [S]tudy [I]sland they cheer!” – Valerie M.

“Challenge and Race mode with my 8th graders at Hollywood, FL. We're getting ready for the FSA science test in May. We use Study Island twice week for 30 minutes. Also, we use [S]tudy [I]sland to create formative and summative assessments. Great addition to the program.” – Alejandro C.

“With March Madness in the air and brackets everywhere, I placed my students in teams using the group feature. Teams "Raced" against other teams. Round 1 was based on math standards taught in grading periods 1 & 2. Round 2 = math standards taught in the 3rd grading period, and the Championship round contained all 4th grade math standards. Points were totaled and then averaged to determine the winning teams. My students loved this!” – Lori H.

“My 7th Grade Math Intensive classes loved playing the new group session races on @StudyIsland this week! Sifting through the silly random names miiiight have been their favorite part, but the Math was great too! #crazypotatochipwasmyfav” – Amanda P.

“2nd graders raced to complete math questions in a small group practice session; we enjoyed the funny leaderboard names and the celebratory dances; Kudos to @StudyIsland and @edmentum for your innovative enhancements. #PennridgePride @PSD_elem_STEM” – Sarah T.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and shared feedback. We are so glad that you and your students are enjoying game-based Group Sessions. If you’re a current Study Island user, this feature is a completely free upgrade and already available in your account; check out the help center for resources. Want to learn more about Study Island and game-based Group Sessions? Sign up for a free trial!