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[ACT Prep] Edmentum’s New and Updated Courses for the ACT WorkKeys Exams

[ACT Prep] Edmentum’s New and Updated Courses for the ACT WorkKeys Exams

At Edmentum, we want all students to achieve their educational and career goals, both in and beyond high school. One way we support students after graduation and as part of the workforce is with our courses for use with the ACT® WorkKeys® exams.

We have three updated and newly created preparation courses for the ACT WorkKeys exams that reflect updated standards and requirements from ACT®. Each of these courses is leveled to match the assessments and help students improve their knowledge. Students will find that each level builds upon previous levels, requiring cumulative knowledge of prior and current levels to move ahead successfully in a course.

Updates to Edmentum’s preparation courses for the ACT® WorkKeys® assessments include:

Applied Math [Recently Updated]

Our course for use with the ACT WorkKeys Applied Math assessment instructs students in critical thinking, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning using real-world situations they may encounter in the workplace. This type of reasoning and thinking can be applied to a wide range of problems, and its application is necessary for success in the workforce.

Graphic Literacy [New Course]

Our course for use with the ACT WorkKeys Graphic Literacy assessment exposes students to graphics, charts, and diagrams they will regularly encounter in the workplace. There are many different types of graphics, and all of them are meant to convey important information.  Students must be able to read and understand these tools to succeed in today’s workforce.

Workplace Documents [New Course]

Our course for use with the ACT WorkKeys Workplace Documents assessment prepares students for the workplace by exposing them to the types of documents they will see in a professional setting. These include directions, memos, letters, policies, and regulations. Being able to read and interpret these types of documents is an essential part of succeeding in the workplace.

These courses include engaging activities with real-world situations that students will face on a regular basis in their professional lives, as well as high-quality lessons that are typical of Edmentum courses. Additionally, the structure of these courses was vetted by qualified educators, ensuring that the material being covered is accurate and applicable.

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