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Adult + Higher Ed by the Numbers

Adult + Higher Ed by the Numbers

For any adult learner, the decision to go back to school is never simple. Trying to work full time and balance obligations to children and family, in addition to the intimidation of being out of the classroom for many years, can make this next step overwhelming or daunting. You don’t have to dig deep into the statistics to know that there are many benefits to continuing one’s education, such as career promotions, paycheck increases, and increased job opportunity.

What does the adult and higher education landscape look like today? What kind of payoff can a prospective student hope to receive by returning to the classroom? Here are some of the latest research and numbers (compiled by World Education, eLearning Industry, and COABE) to help provide adult learners and educators with a snapshot.

While the employment landscape continues to change and grow across America, it’s important to remember that a continued education will always come with lots of benefit, even if the path to get there is long and challenging.

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