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[Adult + HigherEd] Expanding Allied Health Education with Edmentum & Carone Learning

[Adult + HigherEd] Expanding Allied Health Education with Edmentum & Carone Learning

Many of today’s fastest-growing careers are in the allied health field, so it should come as no surprise that adult learners are looking for new and relevant courses to prepare for them. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Carone Learning, a leading provider of online health, physical education, elective, and career courses. This partnership provides over 65 semesters of health and fitness course options designed to help learners build foundational understanding of health and fitness concepts, and explore careers within the allied health industries.

Our new courses from Carone offer adult educators expanded ability to create a customized approach to allied health education to meet the needs of diverse learners through Edmentum’s Plato Courseware platform. Whether your learners are working in a blended, flipped, or fully-virtual environment, these new courses will provide flexible options to deepen allied health curriculum and prepare learners for in-demand careers in the field.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started with Edmentum and Carone Learning courses in your adult or higher ed classroom:

  1. Develop unique career pathways for your students within the allied health career cluster, like “Athletic Training” or “Nursing”.
  2. Incorporate mindfulness curriculum with activities that tie together emotional, social, and physical health in courses like Health and Personal Wellness and Family Living and Healthy Relationships. 
  3. Create a coaching or officiating curriculum by combining activities from Carone’s Intro to Coaching and Advanced Physical Education courses with courses on Education and Training from Edmentum’s Plato Courseware. 
  4. Utilize activities from Carone’s exercise library to teach learners about how less sports-focused forms of physical activity, like yoga, aerobics, and low-impact martial arts, fit into a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Learn CPR through Carone’s Health and Personal Wellness and First Aid and Safety courses—many jobs within the Allied Health field eventually require certification in that skill.

Want to find out more about how your adult learning program can partner with Edmentum to offer expanded course options in the allied health field? Check out this brochure on our Effective Workforce Readiness Solutions!