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[Announcing Our Winners] Edmentum’s Inspirational Educators of the Year

[Announcing Our Winners] Edmentum’s Inspirational Educators of the Year

Earlier this spring, we asked our customers to nominate fellow educators who they see making a truly profound impact on the lives of their students. Our three Edmentum Inspirational Educator Award winners were selected based on criteria such as their implementation of Edmentum learning solutions as well as their overall integration of technology in the classroom and their innovation and creativity in fostering student engagement.

We are proud to announce that Tami Calloway of Bratt Elementary School in Century, Florida; Susan Featro of the Tamaqua Area School District in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania; and Karen Lakes of the St. Louis County Special School District and Juvenile Detention Center in Missouri, as the winners of Edmentum’s inaugural Inspirational Educator Award!

Ms. Calloway is recognized as Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator at the elementary school level because of her genuine concern for her students’ well-being and her can-do attitude when it comes to learning. She is a proud user of Study Island, which has helped her work with students who have struggled in math, science, and reading and turn them into superstars. Her lessons are challenging, and she gives students ample opportunities to work together to accomplish goals. But, Ms. Calloway doesn’t just dedicate herself to making sure that every student is succeeding academically. She also does everything she can to keep her students enthusiastic about learning. She sees what is special and unique about each and every one of her students and then does whatever she can to help them see it too.

Ms. Featro is recognized as Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator at the middle school level because of her work with K–12 ESL students and her commitment to encouraging student-centered and playful learning, even in upper grades. Ms. Featro, who earned her doctorate in educational technology, integrates technology into her classroom using Study Island and Reading Eggs. Her goal is to keep students engaged and motivated, and she sees her students benefit from multimedia support because it helps them connect new vocabulary with other senses. She actively tries to inspire students, inviting motivational speakers to keep students positive and performing a benefit concert to help out the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. All though she works with learners of a wide variety of ages and needs, Ms. Featro goes above and beyond to advocate for them all and support them year after year.

Ms. Lakes is recognized as Edmentum’s Inspirational Educator at the high school level because of her work with students at the St. Louis County Juvenile Detention Center. Ms. Lakes uses Plato Courseware in her classroom to cover all subject areas for students who range in age from 8 to 17 and come from widely varying backgrounds. Ms. Lakes makes sure to spend quality time with all students, not only to ensure that they understand why they are asked to do a certain lesson or activity but also to talk with them about bigger picture goals like high school credits, college admission, or career paths–offering these students hope for a bright future even during very challenging moments. Ms. Lakes has learned how to give every one of her students a successful classroom experience, and for many of these students, this is a first. In Ms. Lake’s class, behavior, attitude, and academic issues melt away, and all that remains is positivity, achievement, and hope for success going forward.

We would like to offer a big round of applause to all three of these amazing educators and thank them for all of their work to inspire bright minds and futures! We also want to thank all of the dedicated educators who took time to submit nominations for our Edmentum Educator of the Year Awards—never doubt the difference you’re making!

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