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Apex Tutorials Back-to-School Planning Guide

Apex Tutorials Back-to-School Planning Guide

Whether you are beginning a new implementation or reestablishing your existing program, we want to make sure that you have what you need to begin the new school year successfully. With Apex Learning Tutorials by Edmentum in your toolbox, you can help students reach their academic goals and quickly fill in skill gaps.

Tutorials provide a unique instructional approach to build knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and deepen understanding. Using state and exam-specific content, personalized remediation and acceleration, and an innovative structure to engage active learning, Tutorials offer a flexible, engaging curriculum for exam preparation, intervention, and initial instruction.

Prepare Your Account for the New Year

There are a few initial steps to take to begin your implementation. Our consultants and on-call support representatives can guide you through the process, but with the help of some how-to resources, you can also do it yourself. Start by logging in to your account and taking the following actions using the how-to videos and guides in the Tutorials Getting Started section.

Dive into My Dashboard: After signing in, you are taken to My Dashboard, which displays a list of your classrooms and announcements. From here, you can quickly perform common tasks.

  • Enroll students: With new students and teachers each year, ensure that your account is up to date by reviewing your Tutorials roster. Check out the Enroll or Withdraw Students videos for an in-depth look.
  • Create new classrooms: When creating your classrooms, remember to select an accurate start date because this is the date students can access their enrollments and it determines which time period progress data is reported in. Make sure to check out the Add or Edit a Classroom video to streamline your understanding.
  • Launch a Tutorial: Before classes begin, it's a good idea to explore the Tutorials you are working with and to visit the Tutorial Guides section of Help. Tutorial Guides provide quick access to content outlines, assignment sheets, and resources for teachers implementing Tutorials in their classrooms. Click on a course title to launch the Tutorial and navigate within the units and modules.
  • Monitor progress: Familiarize yourself with the Classroom Overview page to review actionable data for your Tutorials classrooms. With four different sections to view student progress data for different subsets of activities, your finger is on the pulse of student progress, giving you a clear picture of growth.

Explore Our Favorite Features

While you may have previously used Tutorials to prepare students for high-stakes assessments or blended learning, were you able to maximize your implementations to benefit from all that Tutorials has to offer? Take in the additional information below to learn about some of our favorite features!

Individualized Remediation: This is a combination of features that support student mastery of the prerequisite skills needed to attain mastery of grade-level concepts. When enabled, unit pretests assess for prerequisite skills, identify knowledge gaps, and determine readiness for grade-level concepts. Individualized remediation is generated, and each student sees Supporting Topics based on mastery of prerequisite skills on the pretest. Teachers and site coordinators can view actionable data about prerequisite skills from the Classroom Overview and the Enrollment Overview pages.

Customization: With the customization tool, easily reorder units and modules to align with your local scope, sequence, and pacing guides. Reorder, rename, hide, and add new content for a high level of control over the sequence and pacing of the learning experience.

Communication Tools: Start off the new school year on the right foot by introducing these tools on day one so that students understand how to communicate within the Tutorials platform and find needed class information.

1. From My Profile,teachers can enter their contact information and complete their Teacher Bio. Students see this information from their My Dashboard screen by hovering over a classroom name.

2. All teachers can post announcements to their classrooms. This is a good way to post general information and communicate important date reminders.

3. Download parent letters to introduce the program to your students’ families. This is a great way to get your parents involved and begin building community relationships.

Educator Academy On-Demand: To complement our professional services, these modules for Tutorials are designed to provide you with 24/7 access to information and best practices critical to success.

Text-to-Speech and Translation: Embedded text-to-speech and translation tools support students who need additional resources for language and reading, particularly English language learners and below-proficient readers.

Gather Implementation Ideas and Best Practices and Learn from Others

With an impactful set of features, Tutorials give educators the opportunity to implement in a variety of ways. Here are some implementation ideas and best practices to guide and inspire!

Accelerated Learning: How Teachers Can Ensure That Every Student is on Grade Level This School Year: Learn exactly what accelerated learning is and how to integrate it into every classroom effectively to raise students to grade-level ability.

[Teacher Tips] Implementing an Acceleration Plan to Address Unfinished Learning: Get tips and tricks from one of EdOptions Academy 2021 Teachers of the Year, Krista Lasky, as she talks about how she closed learning gaps and accelerated students to successful outcomes. 

5 Things to Look for in a Curriculum Provider to Address Learning Gaps: To help every student progress toward grade-level expectations, your digital curriculum provider should fulfill these five requirements to address and accelerate learning recovery in your school district.

Looking for more information and ideas to jump-start your back-to-school foundations? Peruse our Back-to-School Planning & Success Toolkit.'s picture
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