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Are You Using These Three Features in Edmentum Courseware to Support Blended Learning?

Are You Using These Three Features in Edmentum Courseware to Support Blended Learning?

We’re all guilty of getting a little too comfortable in our routines from time to time. The way that educators use classroom technology is no exception. It’s easy to get into the habit of using a program—whether it’s a complex LMS or a simple assessment app—in a very specific way and not make time to explore the full breadth of the features, benefits, and use cases it offers.

Sometimes, we can overlook program features that can save us additional time and effort. Automating the more mundane tasks of classroom management can be a lifesaver for teachers and administrators alike, and here at Edmentum, one of our core commitments is to deliver intuitive, simple technology, designed to save you time. So, as a back-to-school refresher, let’s explore some of the coolest features that our Courseware has to offer:

1. Family Sensei

Family Sensei is a built-in tool that allows parents and guardians to keep themselves up to date with their student’s progress, grades, and time-on-task. With an easy-to-use batch upload system, Family Sensei can be set up in a matter of minutes. Teachers can use this tool to engage family members and help them become more involved in monitoring their learner’s progress. Family Sensei can also save caregivers time by providing an easy way to contact instructors with questions or ask for updates on how their learner is doing in a course.

Courseware Screenshot Family Sensei

2. Collaboration Tool

The Collaboration Tool is a communication and instruction feature available for both teachers and students in our Courseware. The Collaboration Tool does not require any downloads or installations, and it contains chat, whiteboard, document-sharing, and video-sharing functionality. It is also mobile-friendly, and it can be used with tablets and smartphones. Teachers can use the Collaboration Tool to offer extra tutoring, provide instruction to homebound students, store and access supplemental materials, or even facilitate teacher-to-teacher meetings. Instructors who utilize the flipped classroom model love this feature, as it can conveniently house lecture videos and supporting materials for students to review.

Courseware Screenshot Collaboration Tool

3. Flex Assignments

Flex Assignments allow instructors to assign additional content directly from the student card and also give educators the ability to create classes, modify and deactivate assignments, run reports, and monitor progress within the  application. This is an evolution of Supplemental Assignments that allows both administrators and instructors to quickly assign targeted instruction to a specific population, as well as monitor progress and report on the assigned content. The drag-and-drop ease of the tool, along with its standards-search functionality, make this a favorite for teachers. And, due to the adaptable nature of the Flex Assignments tool, it has many uses. Some implementation ideas include leveraging Flex Assignments to create extra practice assignments, provide intervention work, offer acceleration assignments, and generate tailored pathways aligned to students’ IEP/GIEP/504 plan objectives.

Courseware Screenshot Flex Assignments

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