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[Ask an Educator] Teacher-Trusted Classroom Hacks

[Ask an Educator] Teacher-Trusted Classroom Hacks

Back-to-school season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can't still pick up a new teaching trick or two. Last month, we turned to our amazing network of educators on Facebook and Twitter, where we asked you to tell us: What is the best teaching hack, best practice, or life lesson you learned last year that is now an everyday part of your classroom?

Over 150 teachers answered, but here are a few of our favorite responses:

Go paperless when you can:

Cultivate a growth-mindset environment:

Yet another reason to love hula hoops:

Maybe they really are the magic words…

Start class off on the right foot, guaranteed:

Think outside the box:

Yet another reason to love pool noodles, too!

Good visuals are always a must-have:

Make it FUN!

Rise and shine:

All this time the secret was hand sanitizer:

A classic and a favorite:


Thank you to all the educators who shared these tips and more! Keep an eye on our social media for more fun giveaway questions. Looking for more educator tips? Be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily updates!'s picture
McKenna Wierman

McKenna Wierman studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi, and has worked with Edmentum since June 2016. She currently serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and believes that empowered teachers are the key to successful students.