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[Ask an Educator] Tips to De-Stress Around Testing Season

[Ask an Educator] Tips to De-Stress Around Testing Season

This time of year can be stressful for educators, especially with testing on the horizon. Finding the time for self-care or quiet time isn't always easy, but finding ways to destress, even if it only takes a minute, can help you reset and avoid burnout. We asked our amazing network of educators on social media, what is your best advice on how to de-stress and avoid burnout during this time of year? What's your go-to for self-care? Here are few responses that we loved:





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McKenna Wierman

McKenna Wierman studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi, and has worked with Edmentum since June 2016. She currently serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and believes that empowered teachers are the key to successful students.