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[Back-to-School] Free Classroom Resources Bundle from Edmentum

[Back-to-School] Free Classroom Resources Bundle from Edmentum

For every teacher, the back-to-school rush is one of the busiest times of year. Between lesson plans, memorizing all the names on your new class roster, and brushing up on your favorite teacher tricks before the first day, there’s a lot to do! Luckily, Edmentum has just what you need to start off the school year right. Our fun, classroom packs are full of printables that are perfect for getting your classroom organized and ready, while our Back-to-School Topical Resource Pack is loaded with everything you need for a perfect first day back, including fact sheets, activities, and name tags!

Back-to-School Resources


  • Classroom Subject Signs: These signs are perfect for organizing storage cubbies, crafting bulletin boards, and making a classroom schedule poster. These subject signs come in both large and small sizes for whatever your classroom needs!


  • Classroom Rules and Emotions Posters: It never hurts to have a visual reminder of classroom rules around! This pack also includes emotions posters, which can help add visual component to your social-emotional classroom awareness.


  • Back-to-School Topical Resource Pack: Inside this pack, you’ll find fun, first-day-of-school activities; back-to-school-themed fact sheets; and creative thinking discussions that are perfect for engaging your new students. Use these activities to get everyone excited and focused on the new school year and to fight back any first-day nerves your students might have by engaging everyone in a lively class discussion. You’ll also find full-color posters to get your classroom in the back-to-school spirit, sticker templates, and name tags to make learning your student’s names easier. And, to help everyone get to know each other, check out the Edmentum character profiles and have your students fill out one of their own!