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Back to School: Free Printable Classroom Resources from Edmentum

Back to School: Free Printable Classroom Resources from Edmentum

Is it time for back to school already? Between lesson planning, memorizing all the names on your new class roster, and brushing up on your favorite teacher tricks before the first day, there’s a lot to do! Luckily, Edmentum has just what you need to start off the school year right. Our fun classroom packs are full of downloadable printables that are perfect for getting your classroom organized and ready, while our Back-to-School Resource Pack is loaded with everything you need for a perfect first day back no matter what your classroom looks like, including fact sheets, activities, and name tags!

Free Back-to-School Resources


K-12 Worksheet Bundles

All of our Edmentum programs include printable items to help you out, but we also rounded up some fun and free options you can download and print right away. Download our grade-specific worksheet bundles for your students to work on at home or to check on their knowledge before class starts.

These bundles include K-12 math, language arts, science, reading and literacy activities from a variety of our online programs. We’ve also put together NEW grade-specific FREE printable Spanish worksheet bundles for kindergarten through eighth grade students. These bundles include math, language arts, reading and literacy activities from Edmentum's Study Island.

Back-to-School Topical Resource Pack

Inside this pack, you’ll find fun first-day-of-school activities; back-to-school-themed fact sheets; and creative critical thinking discussions that are perfect for engaging your new students. Use these activities to get everyone excited and focused on the new school year and to fight back any first-day nerves your students might have by engaging everyone in a lively class discussion. You’ll also find full-color posters to get your classroom or on-camera background in the back-to-school spirit, sticker templates, and printable name tags to make learning your student’s names easier. And, to help everyone get to know each other, have your students fill out their own About Me profile, and share with the class!

Classroom Organization Resources

Whether your classroom is in-person, online, or somewhere in between this year, these printables will help make organization a snap! With a few easy clicks you can print a fun poster for your virtual-teaching background, post classroom rules near your white board, or send home helpful resources for parents to get their student’s learn-from-home station in tip-top shape.  

Daily Schedule Template

  • Classroom Subject Signs: These signs are perfect for organizing storage cubbies, crafting bulletin boards, sending home as spiral notebook lables, and making a classroom schedule poster. These subject signs come in both large and small sizes for whatever your students need!

  • Classroom Rules and Emotions Posters: It never hurts to have a visual reminder of classroom rules around! This pack also includes emotion posters, which can help add a visual component to your social-emotional classroom awareness.

Celebrate Success

Everyone appreciates a good pat on the back after a job well done. And sometimes you don't even need a reason, you just want to let someone know how much you appreciate them! This year, while hugs, high-fives and fist bumps might not be as doable, show someone you noticed how awesome they are with a good old-fashioned card!

  • Edmentum Gratitude Cards: We all know how important it is to be recognized for job well done. With this in mind, we wanted to help busy educators by creating a fun and meaningful way to boost that recognition within schools. These quick and fun cards are full of clever and creative sayings that will make anyone who receives them know that they are appreciated. Download these fun cards and start sharing ‘thank you’s today!
  • Editable Certificates Pack: The upcoming school year is sure to full of success and accomplishments, so be sure to celebrate your students’ wins! These editable certificates will make your students feel special when they receive personalized recognition for their hard work over the year. 

Edmentum Editable Certificates Examples

Have Fun!

Back-to-school time always comes with a bit of stress, and this year is no different. When things start to feel a little hectic, and you start to feel like you and your students just need a little break, try out one of these fun games. Or, even if you don’t feel like you have the class time to spare, send them home with parents for a fun family game night!

  • The Edmentum Brain Game is a fun, descriptive game that puts an interactive twist on flashcard review by challenging players to describe terms with a partner or group. There are multiple ways to play the game, so your imagination is the limit! Plus, the cards are easy to download and print, so your students can play wherever they are. Check out all the different decks we’ve assembled for K-12.

  • Download our FREE Bingo Cards to play with your students or your fellow educators while working and learning from home. Don’t forget to show us when you score BINGO on our social media!



Interested in learning more about how Edmentum can support instruction in your classroom, no matter what your learning environment looks like this school year? Take a look at some of our other back-to-school resources!

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