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[Back-to-School Release] Updates and Enhancements to Plato Courseware

[Back-to-School Release] Updates and Enhancements to Plato Courseware

At Edmentum, we are committed to providing educators with curriculum that meets the highest quality standards for online content. For us, quality online content should include pedagogically sound instruction, have depth and breadth of rigor, and contain engaging and motivating material for students. We work hard to continuously demonstrate this commitment to quality content. That’s why we’re excited to share that we’ve enhanced and released brand new courses for Edmentum’s Plato Courseware just in time for the new school year!

The below enhanced courses were updated for better compatibility on digital devices:

  • Geometry A/B v5.0
  • Precalculus A/B v4.0
  • Advanced Calculus A/B v3.0
  • English 9 A/B v5.0
  • English 10 A/B v5.0
  • English 11 A/B v5.0
  • English 12 A/B v5.0
  • Advanced English Lit & Comp A/B v3.0
  • Probability and Statistics v3.0.

In addition, we’ve released brand new Social Studies and Science online curriculum for both Middle School and High School level learners:

  • Physical Science v3.0 A/B
  • Life Science v3.0 A/B
  • World History  A/B
  • High School World History v3.0 A/B

So, just what does our definition of “quality content” look like for students and educators? For a deeper understanding of our approach to online curriculum, take a look at a unit overview for one of our brand new courses, Life Science A & B:

Section A:

  • Unit 1: Students will explore the basic unit of life—the cell
  • Unit 2: The focus of this unit is reproductive structures and strategies in different organisms.
  • Unit 3: This unit deals with the important aspects of genetics.

Section B:

  • Unit 1: This unit focuses on the evolution of different organisms.
  • Unit 2: This unit provides an understanding of energy flow in ecosystems.
  • Unit 3: This unit focuses on interdependence in ecosystems.

This unit begins with foundational knowledge and moves on to complex, interdisciplinary concepts. Along the way, students are exposed to interactive tutorials and activities, developed by subject-matter experts with classroom experience, which cater to different learning modalities. Progress is monitored through assessments utilizing technology-enhanced item types and actionable reports in our Edmentum Sensei data dashboard.

We will continue to build brand new content and enhance current content in Edmentum’s Plato Courseware this fall with updates of Math 6, Math 7, and Math 8. We’ll also be releasing new Career and Technology courses including Introduction to Cybersecurity, Introduction to IOS Mobile App Development, Introduction to Android Mobile App Development, and Advanced Computer Science (for Advanced Placement® Exam Preparation).

We hope you’re as excited to return to the classroom as we are! As you plan for the new school year, don’t forget to review our simple and helpful back-to-school checklist to help you get up and running with Edmentum’s Plato Courseware!