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BASE Education Enhancements

BASE Education Enhancements

Edmentum and BASE Education continue to make enhancements in key areas to improve ease of use in connecting educators to their students’ mental health and wellness. This school year, these include updates to existing modules, as well as improvements to platform functionality and the BASEline assessment. Let’s dig in further to see how we’ve made it easier than ever to support the whole learner and preview what we have planned for next semester! 

What is BASE Education all about? 

BASE Education offers a CASEL-designated mental health and wellness curriculum for grades K–12 with flexible delivery options to support common language around tough, real-world topics. In all grades, BASE Education lifts student voice using evidence-based mental health approaches to learning that are both culturally responsive and interactive. 

With BASE Education modules, students learn how their brain works and what the impact of their choices and behavior has on themselves, others, and the world around them. Students gain skills in empathy, flexible thinking, and stress management, and learn how to set goals for the future. 

Module Updates 

Updated Educator Guides  

Middle and high school educator guides now feature remodeled worksheets. When viewing a module, use the new “Educator Resources” dropdown menu to download and interact with each new educator guide. Lift up student voice by having students complete the worksheet and share in groups where appropriate to expand learning.  

988 Included in Modules  

Following the release of the three-digit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline this year, we have embedded a message regarding this resource into each of our modules to support students more fully. Having this number reinforced throughout modules will enable students to know that this and other tools are at their disposal when needed. 

Open-Ended Questions  

We have updated our Substance Use and Misuse Modules to include interactive questions. You see this piece present already in our other modules—not only does it keep students engaged and focused on learning, but it also lifts student voice using evidence-based mental health approaches to learning. 

BASEline Assessment Updates 

Translating BASEline 

To better support all learners, the BASEline assessment can now be translated to a student’s preferred language. This allows for equitable access to mental health resources for more of your students.  

Enhanced BASEline Data  

With this update, you can view all of the students who have taken the BASEline assessment, as well as sort by each domain. Hone in on pertinent data, and understand what your students need and where they are thriving. This can help guide large and small implementation interventions to ensure growth toward district goals. 

Platform Functionality Updates 

Downloading Student Answers  

Educators can now save time by downloading all student responses to a module, allowing for an easy and quick way to evaluate reaction to a specific module holistically. Want to understand how your students felt about the Anxiety module? Download all of their answers at once to get an insightful overview. 

Identifying, Removing, and Creating Rooms  

BASE Education has updated user profiles to include an additional menu option that shows all rooms that a student has been added to so that you can simply track and understand a student’s program interactions. You will also now see the option to remove a student from a room in the user menu, and account administrators are able to create a room on behalf of another user, making program setup and maintenance even easier.  

Stay tuned for updates next semester as we release new elementary, middle school, and high school modules and continue to make enhancements to make it even easier to connect with your students.  

Want to learn more about BASE Education’s upcoming releases? Keep an eye on our What’s New page for further details and specific release dates!'s picture
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