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Boost Literacy Skills with the Reading Eggs Summer Catch-Up Program + Free Samples!

Boost Literacy Skills with the Reading Eggs Summer Catch-Up Program + Free Samples!

Looking to support students’ reading and literacy skills this summer as they prepare to advance to the next grade level? You’re in luck! With Reading Eggs, students can utilize the reading Catch-Up program to continue learning throughout the summer break.  This 10-week program supports students as they transition to grades 1–4, guiding them through fun-filled online learning activities, as well as printable activity sheets, all in the Reading Eggs platform they know and love.

To access the Catch-Up guides, educators can log in to the teacher interface and select the “Reading Catch-Up” tab on the left navigation pane.

What can you find inside?

The 10 learning guides per grade level—40 lesson plans in total—support 10 weeks of continuous instruction and practice. Each weekly packet includes details on what to complete each day and contains:

  • An overview of the week’s learning objectives and materials (both online and offline)
  • An incentive chart for students to cross off lessons and worksheets as they complete them
  • Printable worksheets that match online lessons in Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, or Fast Phonics
  • An end-of-week certificate to celebrate your students’ success

A teacher guide (here’s an example) also accompanies each grade-level bundle and contains:

  • An outline for each week, including the online lessons, additional reading, and worksheets that need to be completed
  • Details for teachers to set up their students in Reading Eggs
  • Parent and student support for navigating the Reading Eggs site

Excited to try out these Catch-Up guides with your students? Whether or not you’re currently using Reading Eggs in your classroom, we have great news! You can download the first week of lessons for each grade band through the free samples below:

How can these guides be used this summer?

Summer School Classroom Instruction

In a traditional summer school setting, teachers may use the Reading Eggs Catch-Up program as a supplement to a structured summer curriculum, perhaps spending 30 minutes per day working through weekly online assignments. In addition, teachers may send the printable portions home or also utilize them in the classroom during independent learning or a station-rotation model.

Parent-Guided Learning

Another way to use the Reading Eggs Catch-Up program is to facilitate parent-guided learning. Before or shortly after school lets out for the academic year, teachers can put together their online classroom in Reading Eggs and set (or reset) each learner’s progress so that it begins where the teacher guide recommends. Then, teachers can print out the bundles for each student to pick up from school. A parent letter can also be sent home accompanying the weekly guides to introduce the summer learning program.

We hope these Reading Eggs Catch-Up guides make a splash in your summer learning program! Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free Reading Eggs trial, or check out this blog post all about mitigating summer reading loss through our dynamic three-in-one literacy program.

This post was originally published June 2021 by Jiana Khazma and has been updated.

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