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Building on Edmentum’s Commitment to State-Standards Alignment

Building on Edmentum’s Commitment to State-Standards Alignment

It’s no secret that students need to have access to the right resources and tools in order to succeed academically. One of the most important resources to help drive student achievement is high-quality curriculum that aligns to state academic standards. With that in mind, Edmentum has placed a strong emphasis on aligning our courses to state-specific standards and focused on our goal to become the leader in state course approvals among all online course providers.

Edmentum’s State Approval team is committed to putting the best resources in students’ hands by providing solid, research-based curriculum built from the ground up to align with state-specific academic standards. The State Approval team works with each state’s department of education directly to ensure that our courses are in close compliance with all the individual curriculum, iNACOL, and accessibility expectations. The State Approval team values student achievement and knows that in order to provide students with an optimized blended or virtual learning experience, curriculum must be aligned to academic standards and be state approved. In 2015 alone, Edmentum has had over 1,100 courses approved by agencies in 19 states! Thanks to the great work of our dedicated State Approval team, the 2015–2016 school year has already outpaced the previous record year of 914 course approvals in 2014–2015!

“We are very excited about the total number of course approvals this year,” said Shane Dennison, state and federal programs manager at Edmentum. “It feels great to know that our curriculum is being made available to more and more students to support 21st century, standards-based learning.”

Courses from Edmentum’s Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy solutions are currently approved in 19 states under the respective state agency approval standards. Aligning Plato Courseware and EdOptions Academy courses to these standards has been and continues to be a primary focus at Edmentum, and we are constantly refreshing our online curriculum to align with the latest academic initiatives in each state. As a result of this hard work by the State Approval team, we are currently #1 in terms of total courses approved in three states: Florida, Louisiana, and Virginia, and we aim to have more #1s right around the corner!

“We pride ourselves in continuing a strong commitment to invest in aligning with state standards,” said Eric Swanson, group product manager, Edmentum Courseware. “This ensures that we can continually evolve our online curriculum to meet the needs of today’s learners.”

In addition to state approvals, our courses have been certified by several national third-party organizations, including Quality Matters and Academic Benchmarks. In addition to reviewing our curriculum and state alignment per course, they have also reviewed our alignment to each iNACOL standard and given us very favorable results. We value these third-party certifications because they validate that our courseware meets and exceeds the highest level of quality standards set forth for online curriculum.

Edmentum’s 96.96% approval rate for state agency courseware submissions is a great indicator that our courses are exceeding standards across the country in a broad range of categories, with approvals in Common Core, world languages, Advanced Placement®, CTE, and elective courses. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to continued partnerships with state agencies to evolve our online curriculum to improve student outcomes across the country.

Interested in learning more about how your school or district can partner with Edmentum for online curriculum solutions? Take a look at this brochure on Plato Courseware’s engaging online courses! You can also check out our state and agency approvals here.

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