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A Buyer’s Guide to Edtech

A Buyer’s Guide to Edtech

Adopting any new technology into a school takes time, money, and a LOT of research. Implementing any educational technology (edtech) solution can be a decision long in the making. How can you be sure that you’ve covered all your bases before buying? We’ve compiled our best resources into this handy guide to help your decision-making process!

1. How to Evaluate Edtech Tools That Support Teaching & Learning

As the traditional classroom evolves into an environment rich in technology, educators are looking for guidance on how to choose the best edtech solutions. The same best practices apply in the digital space. This blog post features some research-based guidelines for choosing edtech tools for use in the classroom.

2. Planning for Your Blended Learning Program Workbook

We developed this workbook to help you learn all about the four most common blended learning models, consider the critical elements for program success, and build out your implementation timeline for maximum success.

3. Special Populations Planning Worksheet

There’s no doubt that you have a student population diverse in educational needs. We developed this worksheet to help you review the special populations you serve; identify any gaps in programs, instruction, and staffing; and prepare for this summer and the coming school year.

4. Credit Recovery Program Planning Guide

Your credit recovery program can be essential for some students to graduate on time or to move on to the next grade. We developed this worksheet to help you review the type of credit recovery program you are looking to offer, the students you are looking to serve, and the instruction and staffing that will be needed for a successful program.

5. Finding the Right Online Curriculum Workbook

Each year, more schools are turning to online curriculum to accommodate their students’ busy schedules, offer new courses, and move away from textbooks. We developed this workbook to help guide your decision-making in selecting online courses that are aligned to state standards and flexible to adapt to your scope and sequence without sacrificing quality.

Now that you’ve been equipped with the right tools, you can be confident in your choice of edtech for your school! Interested in learning more about Edmentum’s comprehensive suite of programs? Accelerate learning with our award-winning programs!'s picture
Brita Hammer

Brita started with Edmentum in March 2018 and currently serves as a Marketing Associate. She is passionate about providing teachers resources to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom. Brita earned a B.S. in Marketing from North Dakota State University.