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Calvert Learning Summer 2021 Enhancements Sneak Peek

Calvert Learning Summer 2021 Enhancements Sneak Peek

Over the past year, we’ve taken a fresh look at Calvert Learning and the way that educators use it as a key part of their instruction. Based on our findings, we’ve made ongoing enhancements to our curricula and platform to ensure that our content is of the highest quality and engaging for students and that our platform is simple and easy to use for educators, family learning guides, and students.

This summer, we’ll be bringing you even more impactful updates based on your feedback, including refreshed curricula, redesigned instructional resources, and improved interoperability!


Curriculum Updates and New Scope and Sequence Documents

The Calvert Learning curriculum undergoes regular review and improvement to enhance learning experiences. For the 2021–22 school year, all courses will reflect the extensive work of the content team, in particular, improving access to linked resources and learning tools. 

Additionally, we are releasing a brand-new Kindergarten math course. This course was developed from the ground up based on updated textbook materials, with a focus on developing early numeracy skills, along with guidance and support for educators and learning guides. 

But Kindergarten math is not the only course getting improvements! Enhanced learning resources can be found throughout all Calvert Learning courses, particularly those that support our youngest learners. Educators and students will find new videos modeling problem-solving methods and exploring new concepts. These new videos help students engage with the content and support different learning modalities. Additionally, the English language arts courses will feature brand-new learn-to-read cards, including letter cards that provide context for learning the alphabet and sound-spelling cards that support students as they develop their foundational reading skills. 

We’ve also elevated the visibility of standards alignments for our national core courses. Educators can access standards through the standards tab within each lesson part or by using the new standards website. Coverage reports will also be available for the national K–5 courses. 

PILOT - Single Sign-On (SSO) and Student Information System (SIS) Integration 

Beginning this summer, educators and students in qualifying pilot implementations will be able to use single sign-on (SSO) with Clever, ClassLink, Microsoft, or Google, and automated rostering will also be available through Clever, ClassLink or OneRoster, making the process of setting up and maintaining student and educator accounts more streamlined than ever.

Districts that utilize SSO will have direct access to the Calvert Learning platform without the use of our partner student information system, Genius. SSO provides an added layer of student data security, and streamlines the process of logging in and accessing Calvert Learning.


We’re excited about all the amazing enhancements we have for learners and educators using Calvert Learning for the upcoming school year, and we’re proud that it was driven by their feedback. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we look to shape the future of Calvert Learning! 

To stay in the know about future enhancements coming to Calvert Learning, check out the What’s New page, and be sure to bookmark it for future reference.