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[Career and Technical Education Month] Big Returns on Small Investments

[Career and Technical Education Month] Big Returns on Small Investments

“If the United States truly wants to secure its global leadership in technology innovation, we must, as a nation, commit to a strategy for innovation excellence. . . . I believe this strategy must place top priority on achieving . . . fundamental [goal of] strengthening educational opportunities, so that America’s students and workers have the skills they need to succeed in the technology—and information—driven economy of today and tomorrow . . .” 

-Bill Gates, March 2008, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology Hearing

This week we’re wrapping up our celebration of the Association for Career and Technical Education’s (ACTE) Career and Technical Education Month®. Every year, ACTE hosts this public awareness campaign to call attention to the outstanding work of career and technical education (CTE) programs and students across the country.

CTE programs have been in existence for nearly a century across the United States, focusing on equipping students with technical and life skills to help them become productive citizens. Now more than ever, CTE programs are incredibly important for all learners to ensure the strength of our workforce, our global competiveness, and the economic health of our nation.

So, what does this mean for the bigger picture? Let’s look at how investments in CTE can provide a large return on investment. Check out this great infographic from ACTE showing how CTE is making big impacts across the country! 

ACTE Infographic

At Edmentum, we believe that CTE has the power to do an incredible amount of good—for students and our economy as a whole. We hope that you enjoyed celebrating CTE Month as much as we did, and we hope that we can all keep the excitement going throughout the year! Be sure to continue sharing YOUR resources and stories of success to highlight the amazing learning taking place in the CTE community!

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