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Internship Experience at Edmentum: Mandy Cho

Internship Experience at Edmentum: Mandy Cho

Mandy Cho spent her summer interning in our User Experience Department. Find more out about Mandy and her time at Edmentum!

As the fifth daughter of six girls and a native Texan, I grew up in a household that encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I am currently studying at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering to be a future developer. In my spare time, I write iOS apps, play around with web development, paint portraits, and skateboard.

My typical workday at Edmentum involves a lot of planning and creating the user interfaces for the upcoming games that we are working on this summer for the Study Island program. I work together with two other interns in the development team to make sure our projects are polished and enticing for all targeted age groups. We had a lot of fun, especially as we received more and more liberty with the development. Initially, I was a bit timid in creating kid-and-coder friendly interfaces, but the User Experience team quickly helped me build my confidence. I would say my favorite part of working at Edmentum this summer has been the people. The employees have always been quick to provide guidance in order to help me grow as a coder and designer.

My experience at Edmentum as an UX intern truly honed my understanding of the dynamic dependence between software development and design language. This position pushed me to not just be the median between the code and graphics, but also the user engagement and interface. I feel that with my newly gained experience, I can smartly build apps with friendly user interfaces.

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