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Meet the Department: Our Curriculum Team

Meet the Department: Our Curriculum Team

The world of Curriculum Development at Edmentum is exciting and always moving forward. Our team is organized by areas of expertise into these groups: Creative Services, Subject Area Teams – ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, Instructional Design, Curriculum Specialists, Editing, and Project Management. We look for team members who have a passion for education and willingness to work together to accomplish complex and ambitious projects for the company. Over the last year, we have been looking for new team members to join the many projects we have in the works for Edmentum. We look for highly motivated, intelligent writers, developers and designers to make sure that we can produce the best products for our customers. Team members have backgrounds in classroom teaching, school administration, high stakes testing, higher education and online curriculum development. The unique experiences and skill sets of each team member help provide us with a diverse perspective on education and help to build a team that is highly collaborative, always striving for excellence, and fun too!

Highly Collaborative

Our team is built around a high level of collaboration which helps us produce the best content and get things done most efficiently. Everyone has the opportunity to collaborate with their individual teams, but we also provide opportunities to collaborate across teams. For example, the instructional design team will work with the Creative Services team to come up with engaging multi-media for our courses. Our Math and Science teams will also collaborate and work across teams in order to fulfill STEM requirements on projects, and our Project Managers work together to build common processes and procedures so that all projects run smoothly every time. In addition to collaboration on projects, team members can serve on the Curriculum Advisory group which is a team that meets monthly to share ideas on how to make the team better, organizes Lunch and Learn sessions, and works to provide a voice of the employee to the leadership team.

Striving for Excellence

One of the most amazing things about this team is their motivation to achieve excellence in everything they do. I observe team members on many occasions going the extra mile to make sure that every product we release to customers is of the highest quality. While we always think what we do is the best, we also have proof from 3rd party validations that show that others think we’re the best too! Groups like Quality Matters, Academic Benchmarks, California “a-g”, and others have all approved or certified our courses and give them high ratings in their reviews. In our search for excellence, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our expertise and be in tune with what’s going on in K-12 and Higher Ed classrooms. Team members regularly attend conferences at NCTM, ISTE, FETC, etc. to hear what teachers are saying about standards, online instructional needs, and assessments. We recently spent 2 days working with the Wisconsin Center for Education Products & Services (WCEPS) to have Dr. Norman Webb and Sara Christopherson provide DOK training for the entire Curriculum team. This professional development experience was one of a kind and was a huge success for both organizations.

Time for Fun

With all of the hard work that goes into Curriculum Development, we still take time for fun. Monthly social lunches, impromptu happy hours and hallway conversations are happening on a regular basis. We also took time out after our big summer release in 2015 to celebrate at Top Golf to test our golf skills and competitive spirits!

Developing Curriculum is demanding and hard work, but this team loves the challenge. We are proud of the effort and quality that goes into every curriculum product and proud that we are contributing to the education of children across the country.