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Meet Our Employees

Meet Our Employees

Meet Amanda Sepeda! Sr. Project Manager located at our Minnesota office.

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in the small town of Richmond, Minnesota on a hobby farm. I attended Southwest Minnesota State University and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Through different jobs I held post-graduation, I found that I have a knack for understanding technology and people which led me into the field of project management.

How did you hear about Edmentum?

My career with Edmentum started in December of 2011. I was referred by an employee of Edmentum that raved about the great work environment and energy that is at the core of the organization. She convinced me this would be a great fit for what I was looking for, and she couldn’t have been more right.

What position do you hold and what are the responsibilities that come with it?

I hold the title of Sr. Project Manager in Development and fulfil the role of Scrum Master on our Agile scrum teams. As a development group, we are responsible for creation and continuous improvement to PLE, Edmentum Assessments and Plato Courseware v3.5, as well as the supporting tools that are used by Curriculum to create the assessments and courseware. In this role, my main job is to keep the sprint team(s) moving forward, taking care of any blockers, and working with the product owners to ensure there is a prioritized backlog of work for the team to take into sprint.

What interests you about the field that you are in?

Working with technology means there are always new ways and new discoveries on how to solve a problem. In Development, I have the opportunity to work with teams that are responsible for using the new technologies to create something really awesome. I learn new things every single day.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

The best part of my job is the people and the team aspect of Agile development. I am able to work with really smart people that never cease to amaze me with their ability to be creative and address the needs of our customers. Not to mention that we have some of the best baked goods around and have a lot of fun with our Nerf® guns and foam balls.

What activities are you interested in outside of work?

Being outside and active with my family is how I like to spend my weekends. As my kids have gotten older, now 5 and 7, we’ve enjoyed taking them to all of Minnesota's various state parks, hiking the trails, skipping rocks into Lake Superior and just enjoying being outside. The world has so many great and inspiring places to go and see and I want to make sure that my family sees it.

What are your professional goals?

Working with and building great teams is and has always been a focus of mine throughout my career. People can do so much more when they have a team that they trust and are committed to building amazing things. As a project manager/scrum master, I have the opportunity to help inspire these teams through helping them overcome challenges and working together to achieve their goals.