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Meet Our Employees

Meet Our Employees

Meet Kameron Smith! Customer Support Representative located at our Texas office.

Tell us about yourself!

I was born in Texarkana, TX and grew up in Graham, TX. I moved to College Station, TX after I finished high school and attended Blinn College for a while before transferring to Navarro College in Waxahachie, TX so we could be closer to family. I have two degrees – one in Real Estate and the other in Business. I have worked at a variety of jobs throughout high school and college, including: welding, management at Lowe’s, in a real estate office, and now as a Customer Support Representative for Edmentum.

How did you hear about Edmentum?

I started with Edmentum at the end of July 2013 as a Customer Support Representative after moving back to the area in an attempt to change careers from the real estate office where I had been working. I actually heard about this company through my wife and she referred me for the position.

What are you and your department responsible for?

As a Customer Support Representative, I am responsible for being there to support our customers both with technical questions and to provide directions for how to get the program to do what the customer wants it to do. I support all of the Edmentum solutions that the company has to offer to our customers. Our department helps customers in any way we can, and helps to get them in contact with the right person in the company if we are not the ones who will be able to assist them with their request.

What interests you about the field that you are in?

I really love the technical side of working in Support. I enjoy the more advanced troubleshooting calls and issues and look forward to solving issues that are out of the norm. From the time I first started in Support, I have always looked into more challenging issues and worked to have a much deeper understanding of the functionality of the programs and all of their features.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I take satisfaction in knowing that when I help a customer, I am not only helping the teacher or representative do what they need, but I am helping the students that are associated with those accounts succeed in their education. It is the happy customer at the end of the call who is so thankful for the help that makes this job worthwhile and I take great pride in knowing that I am able to help teachers and students implement and use our solutions to their fullest potential.

What activities are you interested in outside of work?

I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities including hunting and fishing. I really like to be outside and get fresh air, but I also find hunting and fishing both relaxing and exhilarating. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush I feel when I see what I have been waiting for while hunting or feel that tug on the end of my fishing line letting me know I have caught something. I also enjoy eating my catch because it gives me a sense of pride to know I caught the meat myself.

What are your professional goals?

I would like to continue to move up the ladder at Edmentum, and go into a more technical section of the company. I would love to either work with Help Desk or Tier 2 in Customer Support so that I can use my technical skills to their full potential and expand my knowledge of technology and/or our programs even more.