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Summer Internship Experience at Edmentum

Summer Internship Experience at Edmentum

Kevin McCollow spent his summer interning in our Software Development department. Find out more about Kevin and his experiences at Edmentum!

My name is Kevin and I grew up in Circle Pines. I am going into my senior year at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, and I am working on a degree in computer science with a minor in English. The best classes I have taken are Computational Linear Algebra and The Graphic Novel. Outside of my internship this summer, I have been doing some camping and kayaking in southern Minnesota, and a lot of cooking; more specifically, Chinese food!

The other intern, Will, and I worked on a bunch of cool projects over the summer, most of which were part of a highly interactive product for teachers and students. The first main project was a proof of concept using cutting edge broadcasting technology. Another project we worked on was updating the product to enhance drawing on the virtual whiteboard. One of the things I enjoyed most about being at Edmentum was having real projects that will end up in production, as opposed to writing test cases for already existing code.

We also had our own intern scrum team, which we named ‘Bagels and Ribs’ after our favorite foods. We had our own planning meetings, retrospectives, and demos. This also meant that we worked heavily with a scrum master and product owner, as well as UI/UX, QA, Systems Engineers, Database architects, and managers. This really set my internship at Edmentum apart from other opportunities –being part of our own team meant feeling important and cared for. It was also incredibly educational for me, and I am thankful for the friends I have made within the team.

Our most memorable accomplishment had to do with the broadcasting proof of project. After a couple days of work and starting to feel like we were not getting anywhere, we finally clicked the call button and started broadcasting. It was very exciting and inspiring to see our work come to life!

As a computer science major, this internship was exactly what I was looking for. A lot of the work that I have done in college has taught me how to effectively solve complex problems, and Edmentum has been the perfect place to apply that skill to real-world projects. I can honestly say I learned just as much in these last 3 months about development as I have learned in my entire time at school. Going forward, I have one more year at the University. Once I graduate, the skills I have learned here will be incredibly beneficial to me. The experience of working in a development environment and the projects I have worked on here have given me invaluable knowledge and skills going forward. Overall, I am tremendously thankful for the internship at Edmentum this summer, and I have loved being a part of the company.