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Celebrate National Summer Learning Day!

Celebrate National Summer Learning Day!

Did you know that next Thursday, July 14th is National Summer Learning Day? This annual event, sponsored by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), is all about advocating for high quality summer learning opportunities for all students, and spreading the word about just how important summer learning is for student success.

At Edmentum, we believe whole-heartedly in this cause. By focusing on giving all students the chance to continue learning throughout the summer, we can work to ignite students’ personal passions, support college and career readiness, and improve overall student outcomes.

On this National Summer Learning Day, we encourage everyone involved in education, including teachers, parents, and students to take part! Educate yourself on the impact of summer learning, find out about programs in your community, and above all, search out activities that will keep students’ minds active! Whether it’s academic camps, internships, summer classes, theater productions, outdoor programs, or simply opening up a good book, the possibilities for summer learning are endless!

Check out the NSLA website to find out more about National Summer Learning Day, including a message from First Lady Michelle Obama, a map of local events around the country, and resources to help families and communities. Happy learning!