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Celebrating CTE Month: A Round-Up of Our Favorite Resources

Celebrating CTE Month: A Round-Up of Our Favorite Resources

February is the Association for Career and Technical Education’s CTE Month™, and we at Edmentum could not be more excited to celebrate! CTE is a top priority for us – after all, the careers represented across all 16 of the Career Clusters® are some of the most in-demand in today’s job market. Preparing students to succeed in these fields with engaging, skills-based, highly applicable training is not only a great strategy to ensure that students’ time in the classroom is valuable, it’s also key to helping our country remain competitive in a global economy. Even better yet? Students get excited about this curriculum. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

So, this month we encourage everyone to take part in the CTE-related festivities! If you’re new to CTE, get informed by checking out helpful resources from outstanding organizations like ACTE, and AdvanceCTE. If you’re already on the CTE bandwagon, spread the word and share your own stories! Advocate for CTE funding and resources to your school board, local industries, or state representatives, and offer resources to your students to get involved. And of course, join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #CTEMonth! The opportunities are plentiful, the connections will be valuable, and the progress toward improved student outcomes will be meaningful.

Ready to celebrate CTE? Kick things off by checking out a few of our favorite career and technical education resources below, and check back regularly this month for more CTE stories from Edmentum!

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