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Change Education with Edmentum: Edmentum™ Reading Suite

Change Education with Edmentum: Edmentum™ Reading Suite

Vanessa Schlager, Product Manager at Edmentum, continues our series ”Change Education with Edmentum” by introducing Edmentum’s  complete line of online reading programs designed to motivate readers of all ages and ability levels, Edmentum™ Reading Suite.

As a struggling reader in my youth, I was determined to introduce reading to my daughter at an early age. It was important to me that she had every opportunity to learn essential skills to succeed throughout her life. As I started to research options, I was amazed at the number of tools available to help support parents and educators in this effort. Of all the different approaches I tried, Reading Eggs was by far the most successful.

Reading Eggs provided my daughter with instruction that was built around the five pillars of reading: vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, and fluency. The best part of the program is the joy it brought her as she mastered each lesson and received her rewards (Golden Eggs). The graphics and engaging lessons, coupled with the characters that joined her along her journey, made her feel as though she was playing instead of learning. I was amazed by her constant begging to play in the program, but even more surprised at how quickly she progressed.

It brings me such pleasure to be a part of a program that offers this same success to students around the world.  The Edmentum Reading Suite provides solutions to help address the needs of all types of skill levels like emerging readers, struggling readers, and English language learners. The suite’s ability to introduce objectives, reinforce skills, and reward progress allows students to become confident readers while having fun! As educators and parents, we need to make sure children are proficient in reading so they have the skills needed to succeed as citizens and workers in the 21st Century. The Edmentum Reading Suite can help us do just that!

The Edmentum Reading Suite provides solutions for all ages and reading levels. The offerings include:

Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are web-based, learn-to-read programs designed to build reading and comprehension skills for students in grades preK-6.  Both programs engage and motivate students with interactive animations, eBooks, learning activities, songs, and rewards.  Teachers can monitor student progress with real-time reporting. The virtual Reading Eggspress library offers a robust selection of non-fiction and fiction titles each with its own end of book quiz to monitor students’ comprehension skills.

ESL ReadingSmart/ ReadingMate

ESL ReadingSmart and ReadingMate are web-based literacy programs for grades 4-12+ that provide lessons and activities designed to accelerate English language learning and reading intervention.

ESL ReadingSmart incorporates the four language processes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It includes a Newcomer section for beginning English language learners, as well as a four-level Lexile® measured reading program. Engaging activities are based on multicultural, high interest selections that keep the students’ attention and make learning exciting. ReadingMate offers the same four-level Lexile® measured reading program based on Common Core standards to help struggling readers master necessary reading skills.  The placement test, individualized learning path, engaging lessons, and teacher resources all make this an ideal intervention tool to help students read at grade level.

Every day I’m thankful to be part of Edmentum and to have the opportunity to be a small part in the success of our children in the 21st Century. It gives me such pride to know that Edmentum is supporting teachers in shaping the lives of students everywhere!