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Change Education with Edmentum: Edmentum™ Services

Change Education with Edmentum: Edmentum™ Services

Eric Swanson, Group Product Manager at Edmentum, continues our series “Change Education with Edmentum” by introducing Edmentum™ Services. Edmentum partners with schools and districts to deliver comprehensive service offerings and industry leading expertise to ensure program success and drive student achievement.

Hands down, the most critical part of starting any successful educational program that leverages technology is having a clear plan in place for what success means and having buy-in from the necessary groups to complete that plan. The second is a direct output of the first, empowerment and knowledge of the tools being used for the program.

At Edmentum we know how critical these two elements are and have focused our approach to onboarding and training customers accordingly. From our perspective it is simple - we want our partner schools to successfully implement solutions that meet student needs; from credit recovery programs, to supplemental classroom programs, to starting a virtual school, to creating personalized learning solutions for all students. We do this by ensuring all customers have the opportunity to work with our amazing Teaching Services group.

Over the years, I have seen hundreds of schools start or work to improve a variety of learning initiatives. The simple truth is that the one thing  separating the successful schools from the schools that have yet to gain significant traction and achievement is an area I will call “Teaching Services”. Teaching Services are any resources teachers and administrators use in order to successfully implement a program in their school using one of our products. Meaning, if it helps ensure the products are leveraged to their fullest extent then it falls into the Teaching Services bucket.

The key elements of this service are implementation planning, consulting, and training.

What we uniquely realize is that not all educators are created equal, just like not all students are created equal. Teachers and administrators need different ways to learn, so we at Edmentum have enhanced all of our offerings to provide more flexibility in scheduling and, most importantly, more free resources to meet you where you need us, and when you need us. We have added more tools and resources for what you need, when you need it,  making implementing a new program painless and maybe even a little fun.

Here are just a few examples of the options and services we have to support you:

  • Implementation Planning: Up-front planning is simply the most important factor in guaranteeing programmatic success. Schools can work with our Implementation group to ensure they know of all resources and help available to Edmentum partners. But, more importantly, they will help to identify goals, roadblocks, and work with you to put a realistic plan into place.
  • Professional Development: Once we have a plan, we begin the process of partnering to implementing programs at the same time we are training educators. This can come in a few different flavors.
    • Consultants: Highly trained educators who come onsite to your school and train your teachers and administrators on anything from classroom management in the mobile age, to managing communication and discussions in virtual programs, and more … much more. So just ask, and I am sure we can help!
    • Product Trainings: In parallel we are putting everything in the context of the products and solutions you have purchased through targeted trainings. Here are a few options:
      • Onsite and/or Virtual Trainings: One on one virtual product training for you and your colleagues to learn how to use a new personalized learning product in our Edmentum Assessment suite. This is the best option to get you up and running quickly and efficiently. When we leave, you are set up and ready to go.
      • Virtual Workshops: Free virtual sessions are available for you to join at any time to refresh your skills on a particular product, teaching best practices, or if you need to bring another educator up to speed on the product. They are available on an ongoing basis. Look here to check them out -
      • Asynchronous Tools: Highly engaging in-product help and videos to give you quick access to answers on how to perform a task, and self-paced professional development courses offered for free on online teaching best practices.

The fact of the matter is that we have dozens of consultants and trainers that are here to give you what you need to achieve your goals. While each program is unique, I am sure one of us has seen something similar before and can leverage that experience to get you started off right. Our job is to make you happy, so if you need help just ask and we will get there together!