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Change Education with Edmentum: Now What?

Change Education with Edmentum: Now What?

Well, over the last three months you've seen how Edmentum's online learning products are helping educators across the country drive change. Whether it's a preschooler learning how to read with Reading Eggs, or a displaced worker brushing up on Algebra with the Edmentum Higher Ed suite, learning is, by definition, a positive change. I hope as you've read through the posts from the Product Management team, you've gotten a sense of just how comprehensive our products are. You probably also noticed how passionate our team members are about enabling meaningful change in education.

  • When schools leverage Study Island for online standards practice, they see an improvement in standardized test scores.
  • When reading specialists supplement their early reading program with Reading Eggs, they see measurable gains in literacy.
  • When teachers build their RtI programs around engaging online resources like Education City, they see exciting improvements in engagement and learning.
  • When districts build an online Credit Recovery program with Plato Courseware, they see an increase in their graduation rate.
  • When middle schools bolster their ESL program with ESL Reading Smart, they see a noticeable change in their students' confidence.
  • When community colleges provide additional online resources to their developmental education learners through Edmentum Higher Ed, they see a significant lift in course completion and retention.
  • When high school teachers personalize online learning with Edmentum Assessments, they see students engage in ways they never anticipated.
  • When principals partner with Edmentum consultants for professional development, they see wonderful changes in online teaching and blended learning.

OK, so our products help drive change in education. But education is changing independently, too. Mobile learning is taking off faster than almost anyone thought. New, higher standards are being implemented across the country, largely driven by the adoption of the Common Core State Standards. Assessments are moving online. And the demands of college and career continue to evolve. And our products have to change to help our partners meet those challenges.

So here comes our next blog series: What's Next? The answer to that question is slightly different for each of our products, so you'll again see separate posts from each of the product managers. There are big changes in education that affect all of our products, though, namely mobile learning, higher standards like the Common Core State Standards, and new online assessment practices. I will outline those changes in my next post to kick off the What's Next series. Stay tuned!