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Changing the Way We Prepare Adult Learners

Changing the Way We Prepare Adult Learners

My Experience

I remember vividly finishing my first Praxis exam back in the early 90’s. I was in a classroom at a local college and had just filled in the last bubble on the answer sheet. I wasn’t relieved that the first part of certification test was done. Instead, I was horrified by the prospect of working through yet another practice book!

Alex’s Experience

Fast forward to a more current scenario:  Alex, a young adult male immigrant from Egypt, living in York, PA, is preparing for the GED® exam. His math abilities show he is intelligent. However, to take advantage of the opportunities a GED certificate will open, he needs to develop deeper English language skills, beyond the basic survival language he has acquired.

Unlike me, he is not working through a practice book. He is sitting at a laptop working through an online program. He can use his time efficiently because he has a list of topics he has left to master. If he answers a question incorrectly, he gets immediate feedback as well as an explanation for the correct answer.  If he finds the practice is getting a tad tedious, he can switch over to the game mode, the same rigorous questions mixed with a bit of fun. He is engaged in the learning process, making it more effective.

At the end of his program he will be able to take a full length practice test that looks just like the real one.  So when he sits for the actual test, he will feel prepared and comfortable. This will increase his likelihood of success and allow him to continue on to obtaining his college, career, or life goals.

Time to Throw Away the Practice Book

Alex used an interactive, engaging program that helps learners prepare for the GED, Allied Health certifications, PRAXIS, and a wide variety of other standardized tests called Northstar Workforce Readiness

Online programs like Northstar Workforce Readiness provide a huge benefit to educators like you.  No longer do you have to spend countless hours reviewing and grading practice books to provide targeted instruction to your students. Northstar provides tools that can easily assign content, provide automatic grading, and create real-time reports.

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