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In The Classroom: A Week Using EducationCity

In The Classroom: A Week Using EducationCity

Have you heard of EducationCity? If you haven’t, EducationCity is an online program that connects teaching and learning by pairing standards-aligned student activities with time-saving teacher resources. This digital tool is designed specifically for pre-K through 6th grade students and supports six different subjects—language arts, math, science, matemáticas, English as a second language, and computing.

But, for those of you using this tool (or thinking about it), just how are you implementing it in your classroom? We know that the best educational tools bend to suit your classroom needs, not the other way around. Get a glimpse at how one classroom teacher’s experience using EducationCity could look and take a peek at a few more ideas below.

Why it’s great for teaching:

1. Use it to blend learning in your 21st century classroom. In the formative years, students require lots of hands on practice, rotating through short and meaningful tasks that allow them to engage in learning without losing focus. EducationCity supports this station rotation framework, with online and offline resources that can be implemented during center time.

2. EducationCity builds foundational skills to deepen long-term understanding. To ensure students have a solid foundation for future success, the program challenges students to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge by offering content that accesses all four levels of Webb’s DOK model.

3. The program supports busy educators with time-saving tools. EducationCity accommodates individual, group, and whole-class instruction with a wide assortment of resources and features you can count on. Content supports each step of the lesson cycle to simplify lesson planning and allow you to spend your time where it’s needed most.

Why it’s great for learning:

1. Familiar characters break down topics into relatable stories. A friendly band of characters accompany each lesson and activity, conversing with one another to pose questions and investigate difficult concepts. As students advance through the program, the EducationCity characters mature alongside them, going on new adventures and gaining academic knowledge in time with your elementary students.

2. Students of all elementary ages—yes, even your non-readers—can use it. Colorful navigation incorporates intuitive icons and familiar imagery. Additionally, text to speech functionality within each student activity offers simple and explicit instructions read aloud.

3. EducationCity can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Because the program is online, students can log on from a laptop or computer, or via the Puffin Academy app on mobile devices. Whether they need to complete an unfinished assignment, tackle online homework, or get a glimpse at their progress in the program, EducationCity allows students to take their learning wherever they go.

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Madison Michell has been a member of the Edmentum team since 2014 and currently serves as a Marketing Manager. As a former Kindergarten and 3rd grade teacher during her time as a Teach For America corps member, she believes education truly has the power to transform lives. She is passionate about connecting educators with online programs, best practices, and research that improve teaching and learning for today's students.