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[Contest] Encourage Summer Learning with the Edmentum Academic Sprints

[Contest] Encourage Summer Learning with the Edmentum Academic Sprints

Keeping your students engaged over summer break can be a challenge. How are you planning to utilize the resources you already have to prepare your students for the return to school in the fall? Edmentum would like help with our summer academic sprints!

Challenge your students throughout the months of June and July to earn as many unique Study Island Blue Ribbons as they can for a chance to win some awesome prizes! This fun summer contest will help keep your kids motivated while sharpening their skills in preparation for next school year. Participating is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register – A teacher, principal, or school administrator can register their school by filling out our easy online form here.
  2. Prepare – Encourage others within your school or district to participate in the competition by distributing the parent and teacher flyers! If students want to keep track of their earned Blue Ribbons over summer break download our printable Blue Ribbon poster.
  3. Compete – Students who earn a mastery score of 70% or more on assignments will earn Blue Ribbons for the contest!

Get ready to sprint! Register your classroom or school and ignite some friendly competition over the summer. Registration is now open and the contest will begin on June 1st.

Questions? Email us at, or for full details, view our FAQ and Official Rules