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Courseware Back-to-School Planning Guide

Courseware Back-to-School Planning Guide

Whether you’re kick-starting a new implementation of Courseware, Edmentum’s standards-aligned digital curricula, or picking up right where you left off last school year, we want to make sure that you have resources available to get this new school year started off right.

We’ve put together our top suggestions to help you set up your account for the coming semester, explore the top features your program has to offer, preview our newest content, and spotlight best practices from stories of successful implementations.

Prepare Your Account for the New Year

Our wonderful consultants and customer support team are only a call away and are happy to guide you through some of the initial steps needed to get your implementation off the ground. But, we also want to empower you to know just where to go for some helpful, easy-to-follow how-to resources.

1. Review updates: No matter if you’re brand new to Courseware or a Courseware expert, you’ll want to check out the What’s New Page to view what new features have recently become available and see what enhancements are on the horizon.

2. Manage users: Each new school year says goodbye to graduating classes and ushers in new educators and new students. Account administrators will want to remove the students who have graduated, promote current students who have moved up a grade level, and import new students and educators into the program.

3. Manage sections: While account admins can adjust teachers and students into the system from the Administration Center, individual teachers have the ability to manage their own section. This is the perfect time to update sections and classrooms and manage students within these sections.

4. Know where to find self-help: When in doubt, visit the Help Center! The Help Center is a purple button you will often see on the top right of your screen. You’ll find simple, self-service resources like user guides; short, step-by-step instruction documents; and best-practice videos associated with the page you’re on.

You can also click on the Learn and Support page, where you can search through a variety of popular administrator and instructor support materials. You can even narrow down your search by state.

Explore Our Favorite Features

Many of the neat, new features we have available in Courseware are inspired by the educators who have given us feedback on what they’d like to see to enhance their experience. Here are a few of our favorite features that benefit students, instructors, and admins.

1. Student Toolbar: The student toolbar (found within tutorials and tests) contains helpful features, such as highlighter options to support reading and retention, a glossary of course terminology, guided notes on certain courses, a click-to-speak feature to visually see sentences and words highlighted while spoken aloud, and a translation tool that supports 18 languages.

2. Administration Dashboard: From the administration dashboard, admins can view a quick program snapshot of courses, program usage, and program performance. Access to managing courses and managing students has been integrated into this dashboard, as it’s a feature frequently used by admins.

3. Gradebook: Our gradebook makes streamlined daily management of online learning even easier. Instructors can save time through auto-generated grading templates for each course section and through visibility into individual student grades (for the overall course and for individual learning activities) to easily monitor progress and gather actionable data needed to address individual learning.

4. Custom Course Builder: Courseware’s Custom Course Builder gives program and account administrators the flexibility to modify, design, and build courses to meet the unique needs of the district, school, and students. Check out this quick video tutorial on how to use the Custom Course Builder.

5. Student Course Paths: This new student view offers students quick insights into their pacing and allows them to review detailed performance information to make informed decisions about what to work on next and how to prioritize activities, performance impacts, and goals.

Check Out Our New Content

As educators look to digital curriculum as their core curricular resource, Edmentum continues to evolve our courses for the unique and innovative ways educators use them. These are some of the exciting features in our newest Courseware courses available in 2021.

Geometry: Our new Geometry course will include new research-based Clarifying Big Ideas tutorials (currently included in several of our core courses) that will provide students with clear and explicit instruction on commonly misunderstood geometry concepts foundational to success in subsequent high school math courses.

U.S. History: Our new U.S. History course employs an inquiry-based model that integrates multiple perspectives and focuses on both analytical thinking and historical content. The content centers on underrepresented voices and presents information through multiple experiential lenses. In the early stages of course development, we sought and implemented input from external diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) reviewers on both the course scope and sequence and targeted lessons. The course also includes media and images to ensure appropriate representation so that all students can see themselves in the course.

English 9: Our new English 9 course contains quality, full-length, authentic texts that incorporate a variety of voices to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are achieved in both authorship and character experience. This new course will also include teacher guides that will provide instructional support for every activity within each unit and strategies for differentiated instruction and English language learner (ELL) support.  

Learn from Others’ Success

We frequently have the honor of hearing from our terrific customers across the country, and they’re all too eager to explain how they’ve made the program successful via presenting credit recovery programs and career and technical education (CTE) programs and expanding course offerings to students (to name just a few ways schools have successfully used Courseware). Check out some of our favorite Courseware success stories!

"We think everyone should have a five-star life. Edmentum is helping us do that because we’re tapping into each individual student’s gift. We continue to shoot for the best we can do. That’s the mentality we want our students to have."

—Dr. Tyrana Battle, Assistant Superintendent at Halifax County School District

"Edmentum literally was our foundational curriculum. The content was so rich that we didn’t have to search for supplemental text. When we were able to see, 'Wow, this has everything you need,' it became our actual textbook for the curriculum."

—Dawn Bowles, Principal at Millwood High School

"[With Courseware], I can have a classroom full of 40 students, and each one can be working on what they need to learn, when they need to learn it, and at the rate that they need to learn it. It’s something you don't often get with a more traditional delivery method."

—Brent Biro, Math Technologist at Fanshawe College

We’re constantly improving our programs based on your feedback. This summer has been no different—in fact, we’re making some very exciting enhancements that you can learn more about here: Courseware Summer 2021 Enhancements Sneak Peek.

Check back on our What’s New Page, where you’ll always find details about recent releases and future feature previews coming to Courseware.

This post was originally published July 2019 and has been updated.

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Fabiola Garcia

Fabiola Garcia happily joined the Edmentum team in 2014 and worked several years in the support and sales teams before serving as a Marketing Specialist. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Sociology with a Social Science Research Methods certificate from Texas Woman's University. Fabiola is passionate about education and strives to empower educators with relevant resources so that they can continue transforming their classrooms one student at a time.