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Courseware Catalog Expands: New Middle School Courses Provide Rich Learner Engagement in Core Subjects

Courseware Catalog Expands: New Middle School Courses Provide Rich Learner Engagement in Core Subjects

It’s important for educators to offer and maintain a robust curriculum. Whether in person, hybrid, or virtual, we all want students to learn and succeed in any school environment. With digital curriculum like Edmentum Courseware, students and educators have access to new and updated online courses that provide an active and engaging learning experience.

We expanded Courseware’s middle school catalog as part of the 2022–23 school year enhancements with 16 new courses that cover the four core subject areas of math, ELA, science, and social studies. Aligned to national standards, these new core courses offer more activities and engaging opportunities for 6th­­—8th graders to practice and apply what they’ve learned. This exciting progression represents the first step toward combining the libraries of Courseware and Apex Learning Courses by Edmentum, bringing together the best courses and learning principles grounded in sound pedagogy and proven design.

What to expect from new middle school courses in Courseware

Virtual or blended learning solutions provide plenty of opportunities to engage students as they learn and practice concepts and skills. These 16 new middle school courses, now available in Courseware, are structured with units, lessons, and activities for rich instruction and student engagement. Comprehensive study guides are available in each instructional activity and include answer keys. And students have easy access to additional help, guides and tools to support their learning needs. such as text-to-speech, built-in translations, glossary of key terms with each course, and the student resources section.

Middle school math courses provide rigorous, skills-based learning. Lessons are divided to bring an added level of intention for students to understand concepts, and they offer multiple examples of working through math problems and additional practice exercises.

Middle school ELA courses offer learner engagements and structural supports with reading, writing and discussion activities. Reading guides help students understand and engage with the reading material. Stepped-out writing supports are available across multiple lessons and walks them through the writing process. Students also have opportunities to practice their speaking and listening skills.

Middle school science courses include hands-on and video labs along with activities in both. Video labs, for example, support students in virtual settings. Educators perform science experiments, and students watch the video, observe and collect data with accompanying lab worksheets, and analyze the data to draw their own conclusions. Students also have access to lessons on engineering for STEM concepts and standards.

Middle school social studies courses help students dive deeper into the history and civics of our nation and the world. Reading and journal activities help improve critical-thinking skills, and various tools and guides support students engaging with historical texts.

How to access and navigate new middle school courses in Courseware

These new middle school courses are easily accessible within the platform once students are logged in. Watch the following video to learn how to access the new courses in Courseware, navigate through units and activities, and help students complete their assignments and be successful:

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